JGOD explains why Modern Warfare 2 patch notes have him “nervous” for Warzone 2

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Warzone gun guru JGOD has explained why the latest Modern Warfare 2 patch notes have him nervous for Warzone 2 due to the lack of description.

Just a week after launch, developers Infinity Ward have rolled out the first of many updates for Modern Warfare 2 — fixing numerous performance issues and patching several game-breaking bugs.

Besides the few fixes, no significant changes were made and overall the lack of detail in the patch notes is a cause of concern for some.

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Popular Warzone YouTuber JGOD has explained why the lack of description in the latest patch notes has him “nervous” for Warzone 2

JGOD expresses concerns for Warzone 2

In JGOD’s most recent November 4 video, the YouTuber went over the new Modern Warfare 2 patch, where he outlined his worries for the future.

“They finally put out some patch notes for week one and I’m a little nervous if this is how they’re going to be doing patch notes because they’re very not descriptive,” the YouTuber said.

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JGOD noted that the update was similar to what we saw in MW 2019, overall lacking detail, and if it’s anything to go off, we’ll be seeing some under-the-radar changes that won’t make it into the patch notes going forward.

“They don’t really explain much and in general they’re not very descriptive and it has me a little nervous of what little subtle things they’re gonna do. For Modern Warfare 2019, Infinity Ward was very hush-hush and had a lot of stealth changes that didn’t make it in the patch notes.”

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He added: “So it already makes me a little bit nervous about Season 1 or Warzone 2 / DMZ coming up on November 16.”

For gun experts like JGOD, the random stealth updates makes his job much harder when it comes to analyzing weapon stats and providing the best loadouts for his fans.

Throughout MW 2019’s life cycle, the developers were heavily criticized numerous times for number of “unhealthy” stealth patches that were released. With Infinity Ward also being the ones behind Warzone 2, hopefully, it won’t adopt the same style with patch notes.

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