JGOD explains how subtle Warzone centering trick can massively boost your K/D

Theo Salaun. Last updated: Aug 16, 2021
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Twitter, @JGODYT / Activision

Call of Duty: Warzone is funner when you kill enemies more than they kill you. Fortunately, JGOD has broken down the most slept-on pro player skill that can be used to improve your K/D: centering.

There are usually three things people notice when watching talented, high K/D (kill-death ratio) Warzone players: aim, movement, and game sense. Good players hit shots, move like demons, and understand where everyone is.

That can make it seem like those are the three most important skills to work on, but there’s one subtle skill that blends aspects of each: crosshair placement, or, more specifically, centering.

While players hoping to improve often practice their jump shots and recoil control, many don’t think about where their crosshair is placed at all times. As JGOD shows using a variety of clips (including from pros like Tommey and DougIsRaw), being consistently conscious of your centering can make a massive difference.

How to improve your Warzone K/D with proper centering

In JGOD’s video, he goes through various examples to demonstrate the importance of centering. While he and Tommey have strong moments, DougIsRaw seemingly puts everyone to shame.

At about 3:52, you can see Tommey drop down a level and readjust his crosshairs to center on a target in the stairwell. But at about 13:09, you see DougIsRaw make the same play, except mid-drop, he preemptively lifts his crosshairs so that they’re at chest level aimed at the stairwell by the time he lands.

The examples, and others — most prominently from Call of Duty League pros — show how simply keeping your crosshairs centered can win fights. It’s more than just pre-aiming a doorway, it’s about maintaining the height of your crosshair while moving so that you’re able to hit shots without much adjusting at all times.

The best examples of this in Warzone aren’t just moving around corners and checking doorways though, they come in moments where you’re changing floor. When Doug drops down a ladder, he looks forward (rather than down) so that he can hit torso and headshots as soon as possible.

And the biggest culprit for casual Warzone players is going up stairs. When you go up a stairwell, you shouldn’t run up and then turn around, you should walk up the stairs backwards so that you’re already aimed at whoever is waiting for you.

Tips like these all center around proper centering and all can make a major difference. That’s what makes conscious crosshair placement the simplest, surprisingly effective tip to increase your Warzone K/D.