JGOD calls out Warzone 2 players for “abusing” the reporting system

Ryan Lemay

JGOD urges Call of Duty developers to address spam reporting, which has plagued Warzone 2 since its release.

Activision ramped up its efforts to crack down on cheating in Modern Warfare 2 and Warzone 2. Leading up to the release of both titles, the devs promised “more protection” and “new mitigation” techniques for its Ricochet anti-cheat system.

In April, promises were kept as a Ricochet update finally enabled the system to detect controllers using an external device, such as a Cronus Zen. The update also introduced a replay investigation tool to improve investigations into cheating and a few new mitigation techniques.

However, not every new anti-cheating innovation went over smoothly with community members.

JGOD slams spam reporting in Warzone 2

The developers placed more power into users’ hands by introducing a new in-game reporting system for cheating or offensive actions. Unfortunately, some community members abused the new system and falsely accused cheaters.

Players received shadow bans on WZ2 and had their accounts locked despite not actually cheating. The problem even extended into Modern Warfare 2, preventing Call of Duty League pros from playing Ranked Play.

JGOD has seen enough and called out community members for incorrectly banning users on Warzone 2.

A WZ2 player claimed to ban 10 players just to test the new reporting system out. They also took credit for reporting a person for nothing and getting them kicked from the battle royale sequel.

JGOD responded: “Spam reporting is still a problem since Warzone 2 came out, that is common knowledge despite them never acknowledging it.”

The YouTuber added: “Doesn’t mean you should actively abuse it 10 times.”

With the recent introduction of Warzone 2 Ranked Play, hopefully, shadow bans won’t impact players attempting to climb the Skill Division ranks.