Insane SP-R Warzone TikTok loadout is a game changer

Warzone's SP-R on a smoky backgroundActivision

The SP-R may not be as popular in Warzone as the Swiss K31 or Kar98k, but this TikTok loadout demonstrates just how powerful it can be. 

Warzone’s SP-R may no longer be in the game’s top 10 meta tier list, but this Marksman Rifle is capable of unleashing some truly dizzying damage.

While the likes of the Kar98k and Swiss K31 may be the popular options for long-range secondaries, a viral TikTok loadout has demonstrated just how powerful the SP-R is in Season 6. 

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Sniping has always been incredibly important in Warzone, especially if you’re looking to claim those all-important longshot kills. While the game’s meta changes with every new update, this SP-R loadout is still capable of delivering plenty of montage-worthy kills. 

SP-R Warzone TikTok loadout

SP-R Warzone loadout screenActivision/Lootshare
This particular SP-R loadout hits like a truck.
  • Muzzle: Monolithic Suppressor 
  • Barrel: SP-R 26”
  • Laser: Tac Laser 
  • Optic: Solozero SP-R 28mm
  • Magazine: .300 Norma Mag 5-R Mags

TCaptainX’s SP-R loadout is tailored around boosting the gun’s bullet velocity and damage range, making it hit incredibly hard no matter the distance. The Monolithic Suppressor, SP-R 26” barrel, and .300 Norma Mag 5-R Mags drastically increase the rifle’s damage range. 

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Meanwhile, the added bullet velocity from the barrel and magazine also increases the SP-R’s bullet velocity, which eliminates any drastic bullet drop. Simply click on your target’s head and watch as they drop to the ground. 

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If you struggle to lead shots at a distance and don’t want to use any of Warzone’s bulkier sniper rifles, then the SP-R is a great alternative. One well-placed headshot is enough to down a fully-armorer target – an area that is advantageous to any player looking to increase their lethality. 

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Aside from the incredibly fast bullet velocity, TCaptainX notes that the ADS speed of this rifle is only about 65ms slower than the Kar98k. This is largely down to the Tac Laser, which gives the weapon a -33ms ADS speed and increased aiming stability.

Lastly, the Solozero SP-R 28mm optic provides the perfect magnification needed to snag those long-range headshots without obstructing your vision. If you’re after a non-meta secondary that you can rely on, then this SP-R loadout should be at the top of your list.

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