Insane Modern Warfare movement trick makes bunny hopping much easier

Brad Norton
Modern Warfare gameplay

Modern Warfare players have figured out a new way of zooming through each and every map with a ridiculous bunny hopping movement trick. It couldn’t be simpler to learn, here’s what you need to know.

Getting from Point A to Point B as fast as possible has always been crucial in Call of Duty. Movement and positioning can often be just as important as aim. 2019’s Modern Warfare is no different as players slide-cancel their way to victory.

Slide-cancelling was the most common movement trick throughout the competitive season. However, Modern Warfare players have continued to uncover new mechanics. The latest might be the most powerful yet as you can slide further than ever before in the blink of an eye.

A fresh technique will have you throwing enemies for a loop in no time. Here’s how you can copy the trick for yourself and get bunny hopping across Modern Warfare.

“If you get enough speed and bunny hop your landing, you can get a bounce,” Reddit user ‘deathdude01’ explained on Nov. 3. Momentum is key to execute this new trick, but with the right speed, you can give yourself a ridiculous boost.

First, you’ll want to be on an elevated platform. Whether it’s some scaffolding or a nearby ledge, you need a good amount of height for this to work. Once you’re all set, you’ll need to sprint, jump off, then quickly slide and jump the second you hit the ground. Jumping right as the slide animation begins is key.

If timed correctly, the slide will take your momentum into account and launch you further than it usually would. Not only is this a huge play to get around the map much faster, but it can also throw off the aim of any nearby foes. One second you’re in their line of sight, the next you’ve zoomed right beside them.

Better yet, this trick can get you even further if you’re dropping onto a slanted surface. A few practice runs, and you could be lining up ridiculous bunny hops across every map in Modern Warfare.

Warzone gameplay
This movement trick can be finnicky but with enough practice, it’ll become second nature.

Given that Warzone runs on the same engine, expect this movement trick to work in the battle royale mode as well. 

With slide-canceling and now super bunny hops to look out for, players will be getting around both Modern Warfare and Warzone faster than ever.

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