ImperialHal explains how controller players can “abuse” aim assist even more in Apex Legends

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Philip ‘ImperialHal’ Dosen reveals which optics are best for controller players looking to “abuse” aim assist in Apex Legends.

The neverending debate of mouse & keyboard versus controller in Apex Legends has been raging on since the game’s release.

While MnK has pinpoint precision, controller users of course are equipped with aim assist which helps players land more shots on moving opponents.

As a controller player, it’s key you maximize the power of aim assist if you’re looking to rack up a lot of kills and damage in your matches.

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Well, ImperialHal has a tip for anyone on controller that’s looking to “abuse” aim assist and involves your choice of optics.

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ImperialHal is a pro player for TSM in Apex Legends.

ImperialHal reveals best optic to “abuse” aim assist

During a recent stream, TSM pro player ImperialHal shared a useful tip for controller players when it comes to optic choice in Apex Legends.

According to Hal, “even if you are good with 3x or 2x-4x, you shouldn’t even be using those scopes anyway on controller at all”.

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This is because you receive “less aim assist on longer-range scopes”, so you’re not maximizing the power of the controller.

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As MnK has so much precision, it’s key you “abuse aim assist as hard as you can”, and to do that, the 1x scopes will always be the best.

While avoiding longer-range scopes maybe put you at a disadvantage from a distance, you can solve this by running a Longbow or Sentinel in your secondary slot.

At close range, using 1x scopes will maximize the strength of your aim assist and allow you to land the maximum amount of DPS on your opponents.

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So, next time you jump into a match, it may be worth taking Hal’s advice and avoiding those higher-zoom scopes on controller.

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