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Infinity Ward respond to Modern Warfare’s completely broken gun variants

Published: 5/Dec/2019 16:41

by Calum Patterson


Infinity Ward have responded to various issues around the new gun variants added to Modern Warfare for Season One, confirming that fixes are on the way.

Season One of Modern Warfare kicked off on December 3, and launched the first battle pass for the game, alongside a boatload of new content and maps.

The highlight of the cosmetic content was the new gun variants, officially called ‘Blueprints’, which significantly alter the look of the gun, without any stat changes (other than those afforded by attachments).

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However, players quickly found that these variants were completely broken, as after being equipped on the weapon in the menu, the new look of the weapon simply didn’t appear in-game.


The issue appears to be affecting four variants in particular: Heat Cycle (MP5), Smooth Dominator (FAL) Jack Frosty (FN SCAR), and Old Wounds (M91).

One player gave a perfect example of the problem, showing that after the variant is equipped, the weapon still looks like its old boring self in-game.

Reddit: u/dietkush

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Thankfully, Infinity Ward are on the case already and have confirmed a fix is inbound.

On Reddit, a developer confirmed that they would be rolling out a fix for all four of the broken variants (Heat Cycle, Smooth Dominator, Jack Frosty and Old Wounds) “with the next update.”


Unfortunately, there’s no exact date given as to when exactly this next update will be. So far, since launching Modern Warfare on October 25, updates have been at least weekly, and sometimes multiple times a week for smaller patches.

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Hopefully, there won’t be a long wait for this and other fixes, such as stuttering issues that some PC players have reported following the big Season One update.

It’s common for updates, especially big ones, to unintentionally create new bugs while attempting to fix old ones, due to the nature of code. Infinity Ward will no doubt be working to fix any new and existing bugs, and clearly have their ears to the ground with complaints and reports coming in on social media.


However, some common complaints from the community, such as the supposed ‘Skill-based matchmaking‘ and the inability to vote for certain maps, still go unanswered by the developers, leading to continued frustration among players who are demanding a response.