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Call of Duty community frustrated over Modern Warfare double XP tokens

Published: 5/Dec/2019 0:55

by Brad Norton


Dedicated Modern Warfare players are fired up over the surprising wastefulness of limited-time Double XP tokens in the latest Call of Duty title. 

Outside of dedicated Double XP weekends throughout Infinity Ward’s latest, the only way to rapidly increase your experience gains is through Double XP tokens that apply for a set amount of time.

From 30 minutes of double weapon experience to 45 minutes of overall gains, these rare tokens begin to count down from the second they are activated.

Players sinking time into Modern Warfare were already upset at the fact that these tokens would countdown while sitting in lobbies for instance. New discoveries have further aggravated the situation however and the Call of Duty community appears beyond frustrated.

Infinity Ward - Modern WarfareA look at verious experience tokens in Modern Warfare.

45 minutes of doubled experience sounds all well and good on paper, however recent experiences from dedicated players have uncovered that this 45-minute window is not entirely beneficial. 

Throughout various posts on December 4, Reddit users underscored their frustrations and raised awareness of extraneous factors that can completely waste the limited dobule XP time. 

“And this is why Double XP tokens should only countdown while in a match,” Reddit user ‘JSnayy’ explained upon sharing an image of an error code wasting away the remaining time of his doubled experience.

And this is why double XP tokens should only countdown while in a match. from modernwarfare

Similarly, it turns out that Double XP tokens also count down while the game is updating. An unfortunate discovery that hit Reddit user ‘just-here-for-gold’ happened upon after having utilized a rare one-hour token. 

A 2.34GB update to download and install Version 1.11 of Modern Warfare came at the expense of the most lucrative Doble XP token in the game for this extremely unlucky player.

Pleading change from Infinity Ward, the Call of Duty community vocalized their concerns and outlined how there’s little to no logic behind the current functionality of Double XP tokens in Modern Warfare.

“I never understood why it counted down in real-time,” Reddit user ‘crazydave33’ expressed. “It makes no sense because when you’re sitting in a lobby waiting for the games to load up…no one is earning any XP. So what’s the point to making it count down? With an hour XP token, you’re lucky if you even get 30 mins of gameplay time before that sh*t expires.”


With the introduction of Season One on December 3, a new Battle Pass system was implemented for the first time in Call of Duty history meaning that there is more content to unlock through XP gains and challenges than ever before.

As experience is so remarkably valuable and Double XP tokens leave a lot to be desired, here’s a rundown on how to level up quickly in Modern Warfare.

Call of Duty

FaZe Blaze sets absurd Zombies world record in Black Ops Cold War

Published: 2/Dec/2020 19:58

by Theo Salaun


Zombies has returned to Call of Duty with Black Ops Cold War’s release and FaZe Clan’s Blaze, in a duo with Ghostzy, has overcome days of crashes to set an insane record of 328 rounds.

Lucas ‘Blaze’ Mosing has a huge footprint on social media, with 3.5 million YouTube subscribers and 1.6 million Twitter followers. Ever since Black Ops Cold War dropped into the public’s hands on November 13, his Twitch numbers have skyrocketed as well.

As Blaze continues to up the ante for Zombies content, the streamer has received over 130,000 new followers on Twitch in the past month. Now, he sits at just above 589,000 Twitch followers, with a large chunk simply intrigued by his efforts to set Zombies world records.

Those record runs have been shut down by game crashes on numerous occasions, but the most recent effort went unimpeded. Grouped with fellow streamer, Ghostzy, the FaZe star managed to surpass the former record attempts and survive well past “Round Zero,” also known as Round 256.

With how many crashes people have been experiencing as they drive their Ray Guns and punch-packed weapons into the later rounds of Zombies matches, hitting 328 rounds is pretty wild. While Blaze explained that they were only a few rounds past the former record holder, the duo was nonetheless ecstatic and their mark will be hard to surpass.

To set this high bar, both players used the “Ring of Fire” Field Upgrade, which creates a small perimeter around the duo, boosting their damage and burning enemies within it. With excellent comms and comfortable management over their Cymbal Monkeys, the two provide an excellent tutorial for new Zombies players.

And, as the record was being reached, Blaze couldn’t help but give in to a wholesome sense of camaraderie. Like best friends in a bath house, the streamer took a moment to cheerfully relax and celebrate the moment with his roommate. 

Blaze and Ghostzy met each other randomly – as described by the latter in a TikTok comment – and an immediate Zombies bond was formed. Weeks later, they have overcome the 326-round world record that two other duos were tied at.

Unfortunately, it appears that a Spanish duo of ‘hydrashitoo’ and ‘juanlokoo’ have taken the Zombies leaderboard by storm at the exact same time.

The duo, playing on PC, have set a shocking record of 365 and, thus far, it doesn’t appear that Blaze or Ghostzy are aware of how much higher the bar has been raised.