Infinity Ward provide update on killfeed fixes coming to Modern Warfare

Infinity Ward

Joe Cecot, Infinity Ward’s Co-Design Director of Multiplayer, has provided an update on when fans can expect long-anticipated killfeed fixes to be added to Call of Duty: Modern Warfare. 

Since its October 25 release, fans have quickly identified the aspects of Modern Warfare they want to see adjusted. The CoD community has taken issue with the game’s complex map designs, the absence of prestiging and supposed SBMM. 

However, while many of these suggestions come down to personal opinion, one aspect of the game that is objectively flawed is the killfeed. Fans have noticed that the killfeed will randomly omit lines, as well as sometimes duplicating them.

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Reddit: zSLVRSome killfeed complaints have centered around its visibility, suggesting it should be adjusted in line with the CoDCaster feed.

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The killfeed, or obituary as it is sometimes referred to, has already undergone changes in Modern Warfare. At the end of November, Infinity Ward adjusted the killfeed to remove messages about players ranking up and ‘avenging’ teammates, after players complained it was unnecessary. 

On December 22, Joe Cecot confirmed that changes are on their way to fix the killfeed, following Infinity Ward’s identification of the issue.

He explained that the “fix just missed the last major update due to review. It’s coming after the holiday.” 

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The Modern Warfare community has criticized Infinity Ward over their communication (or lack thereof) regarding changes to their game. There has even been speculation that Infinity Ward are omitting changes from official patch notes.

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The delay to killfeed fixes was something that had been criticized, but Cecot’s response will calm fan frustrations. He even apologized in a subsequent tweet, explaining that he wanted the adjusted implemented sooner. 

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While Cecot responded to the enquiry regarding the obituary, Infinity Ward and Activision have remained silent on a number of controversial aspects of Modern Warfare, such as the widely-held belief that skill-based matchmaking is key in the game’s matchmaking algorithm. 

However, following Cecot’s tweets, we can expect to see the killfeed fixed in the days following Christmas, probably before the New Year. 

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