Dr Disrespect teases new 2v2 Modern Warfare map designs

Dr Disrespect / Infinity Ward

Dr Disrespect has revealed that he is planning the creation of some brand new maps for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, after being lauded by his fans for previous 2v2 designs. 

The former map designer worked on multiplayer maps for Infinity Ward in the past, including Solar, Horizon, Ascend in Advanced Warfare, before making a career switch and focus solely on his Twitch channel – which has over 3.8 million followers at the time of writing.

His previous designs have been met with open arms from much of the game’s community and on December 22 the streamer announced that he will be again dipping his toes back into map design.

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Infinity WardSolar is just one many maps Dr Disrespect has worked on in the past.

The Two-Time champion has revealed that there’s another 2v2 creation in the works and fans can expect to see it unveiled both on his Twitch channel and Twitter account over the festive period.

Posting alongside a sketched version of the map’s layout, he tweeted: “I’ve got the design itch again. How about some more MW 2v2 map designs next week?”

As the drawings show below, the first one would take players aboard a submarine with two different floors. The second, however, has simply been given the tag of “Ancient” according to the note.

Those who have already seen what the Doc is capable of, in terms of map design, will be eagerly waiting for the reveal of his latest project.

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Previous designs were posted to his social media account for the viral ‘Blocktober’ event and further explained during live streams. Photos of his last concept can be found below.

There seems to be quite a lot of variety in his plans for these new 2v2 maps, with everything he’s laid out so far looking very different to past projects, showing he’s absolutely capable of coming up with – and pulling off – some insane concepts.

Will his next two be just as good as his first? We’ll have to wait and see.