Is Modern Warfare the worst CoD of all time? Dexerto Podcast Ep.2

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There was extremely high hopes among the Call of Duty community that the launch of Infinity Ward’s Modern Warfare in October 2019 would yield a new era for the popular game franchise, but has the opposite happened instead?

The first impressions of the game were positive, but just like in the years prior, with titles such as Advanced Warfare and Infinite Warfare, those good reviews don’t always hold out, especially when it comes to the competitive community.

Modern Warfare’s launch was hit with a long slew of negative reactions, including but not limited to; a lack of maps, the unnecessary size of the battlefields, and an evergrowing list of game-breaking glitches.

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With the Call of Duty League’s innagural franchise season set to begin in January, three of Dexerto’s founders in Mike, Chris, and Josh, sat down to discuss their impression of the game and explain their perspective on what has been a tough few months of criticism for Infinity Ward and Activision.

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