Infinity Ward criticized for response to Warzone hackers

Daniel Cleary
Warzone character shooting while skydiving

Modern Warfare developers Infinity Ward have received backlash from Call of Duty players over their latest response to the cheaters in Warzone.

Since Modern Warfare released its free battle royale title, Warzone, on March 10, it has attracted many of the biggest gaming content creators, as well as millions of players around the world.

Despite its incredible popularity, Warzone and its players have endured a significant and growing number of cheaters in recent weeks and months, and called on Infinity Ward to address the problem.

warzone characters dropping into verdansk
Warzone players are frustrated over the number of cheaters in Verdansk.

Infinity Ward finally issued a response on July 24, revealing that “more banwaves are coming” and warning players that they will be punished for using any mods or hacks in-game.

However, there were mixed reactions to the developer’s statement, with some Call of Duty personalities and pro players voicing their concern over the apparent lack of action taken so far.

Infinity Ward criticized for Warzone cheating response

CDL analyst and commentator Joe ‘MerK’ DeLuca highlighted the statement, later adding that this would “entice [cheaters] more,” and received plenty of replies from pro players and streamers who were also disappointed.

Call of Duty world champions, Patrick ‘ACHES’ Price and Jordan ‘JKap’ Kaplan were among the many to express their disappointment, mocking the devs for their approach to the issue.

“Look we’re gonna ban some people, but like in the meantime, please just don’t,” ACHES added, imitating the Warzone devs’ response.

Dallas Empire star James ‘Clayster’ Eubanks also made light of the response, joking that the cheaters would all stop after Infinity Ward’s warning.

Huntsmen and NRG Co-CEO, Hector ‘H3cz’ Rodriguez later responded to another glitch that was found in Modern Warfare, joking that the devs could just “put out a graphic” for that as well.

NRG content creator Davis ‘Hitch’ Edwards also replied to the Warzone cheating post, explaining that, while he was happy with the devs addressing the issue, he would prefer that an anti-cheat system over the current ban waves.

However, despite some of the criticism, there were also top streamers such as TimTheTatman, NICKMERCS, and more that were seemingly happy with the steps being taken.

Other players have called for an anti-cheat to be added to help combat this issue, although it is unclear if Infinity Ward intends to add one anytime soon.

The Warzone devs have announced some of these ban waves before for Warzone and Modern Warfare, however, it was followed by complaints of players claiming they had been unfairly banned.

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