Infinite Cluster Strike exploit in Warzone is wiping out lobbies

Warzone character calling in a killstreakInfinity Ward

A bizarre Warzone exploit has been found which is seemingly giving players unlimited Cluster Strike killstreaks, possibly through a hack or just a glitch.

Killstreaks have become a staple of Call of Duty multiplayer modes and fans were generally happy to see they would also feature in Modern Warfare’s battle royale, Warzone.

These Warzone killstreaks, which include the likes of UAVs and Precision Airstrikes, can only be found at a Buy Station and are quite situational, as they can cost players a significant amount of cash with each use.

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warzone character at a buy stationInfinity Ward
Warzone’s Buy Stations offer plenty of unique killstreaks for players to use in-game.

However, it seems as if some players have found a way around paying for their killstreaks, after it was revealed that an infinite Cluster Strike exploit had been plaguing some matches.

The Cluster Strike killstreak allows players to mark a location on the map before it fires a barrage of missiles down on the surrounding area. They can be particularly useful in targeting enemies on a roof or in the late-game in a tight circle.

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Popular YouTuber jackfrags was among the players to fall victim to someone with this bizarre exploit and highlighted just how overpowered it can be.

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Near the end of one of his latest matches, jackfrags noticed that an unusual amount of Cluster Strikes had been called in near him as he was trying to make his way to the final circle. The missiles appear to rain down endlessly.

The YouTuber was then sniped out his Tactical Rover and, despite his efforts with a self-revive kit, was quickly finished by the oncoming barrage of missiles.

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After spectating the rest of his game and watching this unusual Cluster Strike exploit, he claimed that it was quite likely that the opponent was using hacks to win the game.

“It seems like they’ve just got unlimited Cluster Strikes or something, I think that guy is a hacker and I reckon that shot he took was an aimbot,” he added.

While it is still unclear just what caused this infinite killstreak glitch, it can be devastating in-game and it is likely that the Warzone devs will be looking to get a fix rolled out ASAP.

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