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Simp reveals best Modern Warfare players ahead of CDL launch weekend

Published: 17/Jan/2020 17:44

by Jacob Hale


Atlanta FaZe Call of Duty star Chris ‘Simp’ Lehr has revealed who the best Modern Warfare pro is ahead of the opening weekend of the Call of Duty League in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

Simp joined the FaZe Clan-affiliated CDL team after back-to-back event wins in Black Ops 4, including a World Championship, alongside Tyler ‘Abezy’ Pharris, Michael ‘MajorManiak’ Szymaniak, Preston ‘Priestahh’ Griener and Jovel ‘Cellium’ McArthur.

Having been arguably the best Black Ops 4 player in the world, Simp has now made his opinion known on which player he believes is the best so far in Modern Warfare – and it’s not a name you might expect.

Simp with Abezy and his Champs MVP trophy
Astro Gaming
Simp placed first at two of the three tournaments he played in in Black Ops 4 – including at Champs.

In an appearance on Anthony ‘Nameless’ Wheeler’s CoDCast podcast, Simp and his hosts were talking about Cellium, with the 18-year-old singing his Atlanta teammate’s praises.

This led to Nameless asking Simp who he believes the best player so far is in Modern Warfare, based off of the online play they’ve had so far.

“I feel like it’s him [Cellium] or Abezy, but that’s so biased,” he said. “I definitely think Abezy is one of the best, he’s f**king nasty.”

Nameless pressed Simp over which player he believes to be the best outside of his Atlanta teammates, but he struggled to come up with a concrete choice.

Finally, when asked which players he finds most difficult to play against, he said Indervir ‘iLLeY’ Dhaliwal and Anthony ‘Shotzzy’ Cuevas-Castro, Dallas Empire young guns who are yet to make their LAN debut on the professional Call of Duty circuit.

These choices definitely line up with a lot of what people have been saying in regards to which teams are the best in the game, with Dallas and Atlanta being a near-synonymous top two.

With these two teams facing off against each other in the CDL’s opening weekend in Minnesota, all eyes will be on Cellium, Abezy, Illey, Shotzzy and Simp himself to see who can help their team take the crown – for the time being, at least.

It has been revealed that Atlanta FaZe recently went on a truly ridiculous run of wins in scrims, so they may be favorites heading into the opening weekend – but only time will tell.

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MP5 nerfed in Black Ops Cold War Nov 18 update: patch notes

Published: 18/Nov/2020 19:58 Updated: 18/Nov/2020 20:38

by Albert Petrosyan


A small update released in Black Ops Cold War on November 18 has nerfed the MP5 submachine gun, which had come under scrutiny from the Call of Duty player-base for allegedly being too overpowered.

There’s no doubting that the MP5 has been the most dominant SMG in Black Ops Cold War multiplayer since the game’s launch, as well as being one of the strongest guns overall.

With a good majority of the player-base being especially vocal about the MP5 in their complaints and feedback on social media, the developers have gone ahead and released a small balancing update for the weapon.

According to Treyarch, the MP5’s Base Effective Damage Range has been decreased by 33 percent, going from 15.24 meters at launch to 10.16 meters now. In addition, the initial recoil has also been “adjusted,” although the details about the exact recoil changes weren’t announced and its in-game stats don’t indicate any differences, as of yet.

Treyarch Lead Game Designer, Tony Flame, issued a follow-up announcement to let players know that this November 18 balancing update was only for the MP5 and no other weapon.

A larger tuning patch, one that will likely buff or nerf several guns, won’t be coming until Season 1 of Black Ops Cold War kicks off on December 10.

Keep in mind that all BOCW weapons will be added to Warzone on that day, so expect there to be a lot of changes across the board.

What other weapons could be nerfed next in BOCW?

While all of this is no more than speculation, for now, there are some guns in multiplayer that have stood out as ones that need some touching up soon.

The two main ones are the M16 and AUG Tactical Rifles, both of which are burst-fire weapons and have proven to be especially lethal, sometimes even killing enemies in a single burst.

M16 Black Ops Cold War
Could the M16 be next in line to receive a nerf in Black Ops Cold War?

The other area of focus is the sniper rifle category, as players have grown increasingly frustrated with how easy snipers can be to use in this game while still providing game-changing amounts of damage.

There are a couple of suggestions floating out there for what Treyarch should do regarding this matter. Some argue that aim assist should be reduced or completely removed on snipers, while others contend that there should be more flinch implemented to make them harder to shoot back with when under fire.