IceManIsaac claims Warzone Season 4 will be “amazing” after playing new map early

Ryan Lemay
Warzone Vondel map

IceManIsaac and other content creators had the opportunity to play Warzone’s new map Vondel early, and he believes the Season 4 update finally introduces community-requested changes eight months in the making.

Warzone community members have been critical of the game’s implementation of AI. Some players labeled the devs as “out of touch” for also adding AI enemies to Ashika Island after disapproving of their initial addition to Al Mazrah.

Another commonly brought up issue is the game’s fast time-to-kill. Season 3 Reloaded attempted to slow down the speed at which players die in close-range combat, but TrueGameData did his own testing and concluded that the update didn’t really have an impact on the game’s TTK.

Season 4 aims to address those concerns by increasing the overall health of operators by 50 and removing AI from Strongholds.

Warzone Season 4 playtest impresses IceManIsaac

IceManIsaac shared his first impressions after playing the new Warzone Resurgence map before everyone else.

The YouTuber prefaced his praise for the update by first admonishing Infinity Ward for not making these changes earlier. He expressed his disappointment over calling for changes eight months ago at COD Next and not seeing any results until now.

“They were bullheaded and stubborn and didn’t change anything, and now we have a giant I told you so moment because I don’t know what the heck they have been doing with Warzone 2. They were trying to kill their franchise.”

Despite his disapproval over how long it took, Isaac thoroughly enjoyed Vondel and the TTK and AI changes.

After playing a few matches on Vondel, Isaac concluded: “It plays out really well, and it’s beautiful.”

He pointed out that developers took extra care when developing buildings so players can only shoot from the top or bottom floor. This eliminates the need to worry about looking at every window in a building for enemies.

Isaac is slightly concerned about the map’s large water areas as he “hates the water mechanics,” though he’ll wait until the update goes live to get a feel for how it plays.

Besides a new map, Season 4 adds an additional 50 health to players, which IceManIsaac believes will slow down TTK speeds by roughly 20%.

“Longer health allows for more skill to be shown. You have to hit more shots, and you can potentially use more movement for outplay.”

In addition, AI enemies have been removed from Strongholds as part of the seasonal update but will still be at Blacksite locations. Squads can also recapture Stronghold locations throughout a match, something IceManIsaac has long preached about.

Warzone Season 4 starts on June 14, so players don’t need to wait much longer before giving the new changes a try for themselves.

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