IceManIsaac claims Warzone 2 devs are “killing” BR with “brain dead design”

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Warzone 2 streamer IceManIsaac has outed numerous problems with the game and believes that the devs are actually “killing their game” as a result.

Since launch, Call of Duty: Warzone 2 has had its fair share of criticism, with lots of comments directed toward the game’s new features: no Loadouts, 2v2 Gulags, and the removal of slide canceling.

Over the last few months though, the devs have slowly reverted all the incremental changes that added up to a new game, to the point that the title resembles the original more than it does a fully-fledged sequel.

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Despite this, popular CoD streamer IceManIsaac thinks that Warzone 2 has too many problems right now, and the overall gameplay design is slowly killing the game.

Warzone 2 devs are killing their own battle royale game

In a series of tweets, IceManIsaac has not held back in his criticism of the Warzone 2 devs and has provided multiple examples of where they’re going wrong.

“3+ years later and we still have secondary pistols that kill in two shots. 360ms TTK vs MP5 TTK of 525ms. Elementary mistakes like this make me think they’ll never get it right. There’s no excuse here. This doesn’t require development hours. They never learn from their mistakes,” one tweet said.

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The streamer also pointed out some other fundamental issues with the game that he thinks are ruining it such as unbalanced weapons and mobility issues.

IceManIsaac also believes that the devs have slowly made the game worse with disliked gameplay mechanics more commonly seen in the original: “They literally brought back every bad thing we hated from Warzone 1. Two hit melees, 100 health, fire shotties, LMG meta, akimbo pistols, Helis in solos, the list is WAY too long for Twitter.

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When one user brought up the matter of Activision’s business model, IceManIsaac explained how “They’re literally killing their game in every way possible. Wait for Q1 earnings to be released. Their “business model” has nothing to do with brain dead gameplay design.”

In order to improve communication going forward, with players also accusing devs ignoring a promise to listen to feedback, the content creator has said he has “a direct line to Warzone 2 devs.”

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He continued: “I’m crafting a video listing everything wrong with in-game video examples. Tell me every bug you know of, any change you want, etc. and I’ll send it up.”

With other top streamers such as HusKerrs and Syndicate laying into the game, and Aydan leaving Warzone 2 altogether, a big shift could be what is necessary for Warzone 2 and its falling numbers.

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