DiazBiffle & SuperEvan win $200K HusKerrs Howl Grand Finals: Top Dog Warzone event results

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huskerrs howl top dog warzone tournament

Top Warzone competitor Jordan ‘HusKerrs’ Thomas hosted another HusKerrs Howl tournament series spanning five individual days of competition. It was DiazBiffle and SuperEvan who closed out the final day of action, walking home with the lion’s share of the collective $200,000 prize pool.

  • DiazBiffle & SuperEvan dominate the $100K Grand Finals.
  • Tommey & Almond finish among the Top Four in every day of Duos action.
  • $200K handed out across five separate days of competition.

HusKerrs Howl $100K Grand Finals: Full Results

Placement Team Prize
1st DiazBiffle & SuperEvan $50,000
2nd Aydan & Rated $25,000
3rd Nickool & PicNickBasket $15,000
4th Tommey & Almond $10,000
Top 6 Jukeyz & fifakillvizualz
ZLaner & Destroy
Top 8 UnRationaL & ScummN
HusKerrs & Newbz

HusKerrs Howl Day 5 Recap: DiazBiffle & SuperEvan close out $100K Grand Finals

With the eight best teams all locked in, competition was fierce right out of the gate. In the very first round, we had a rematch of the day four finals between Team SuperEvan and Team Tommey. This heated clash ultimately went the same way as Biffle and Evan carried their momentum through to another 2-0 victory.

Maintaining their flawless form, they took down Team Nickool and Team Aydan back to back in order to lock in the first Grand Finals spot in the $100K finale.

On the opposite side, HusKerrs himself was among the first players eliminated on day five, as his Duo fell in a lower bracket map against a rebounding Tommey & Almond. Speaking of which, despite their impressive efforts throughout the entire event, Tommey & Almond wrapped up with a heartbreaking fourth-place finish.

The final series saw an intense rematch between Aydan & Rated against the then-undefeated Biffle and SuperEvan. It’s safe to say both teams brought their A-game.

Up first was a draw as both Duos tied in kills throughout map one. Two monstrous games in a row had Aydan & Rated reset the bracket to take things all the way. In the end, however, Biffle and Evan turned things around with two nail-biting maps of their own to secure the first-place finish.

HusKerrs Howl Day 4 Recap: DiazBiffle & SuperEvan go on a near-flawless run

With the final opportunity to secure a spot in the Grand Finals, one could argue day four was the most heated day yet. All the top Duos were ready to push through the fresh bracket though some found themselves out early with their worst runs yet.

From Team MuTex to Team Swagg, many of the more popular Duos couldn’t quite find their footing this time around. Even day three winners Aydan & Rated found themselves bowing out in round two of the lower bracket.

Once again, Tommey & Almond proved to be one of the more consistent pairings, pushing through to another Grand Final series. In the end though, day four came to a close with SuperEvan & DiazBiffle taking out the win.

Together, the Duo nearly went flawless in Day 4 with just a single map loss throughout the entire day of action. An absurd 23 average kills from Biffle helped push the Duo into championship territory. It’s safe to say they’ll be firing on all cylinders for the Grand Finals.

HusKerrs Howl Day 3 Recap: Aydan & Rated come in clutch

Many of the same teams matched up once again during the third day of action. Some found more success than in previous attempts, though the last few games featured most of the usual suspects.

No different from Day 2, the likes of HusKerrs, Tommey, ZLaner, and Aydan all found themselves among the final four duos. While a rematch between yesterday’s finalists was narrowly avoided, the day came to a close with Aydan & Rated taking on Tommey & Almond.

While the scoreline was relatively close throughout the first map, Aydan & Rated were able to cruise ahead in the second. Before long, their lead was simply too much and they closed out the Day 3 victory.

HusKerrs Howl Day 2 Recap: ZLaner & Destroy lock in the top spot

With a switch to the traditional 2v2 kill-race format, 16 of Warzone’s most stacked duos were ready to battle it out in a fresh double-elim bracket. While certain teams came out swinging, the likes of Team TeePee, Team Jukeyz, and a few others found themselves knocked out without winning a series.

Both Team Aydan and Team HusKerrs cruised through their opening matchups, refusing to drop even a single map until the semi-finals. Ultimately, Team ZLaner put an end to their momentum, booking the first spot in the Grand Finals with an impressive 2-0 win over HusKerrs.

The final showdown of the day put them against Team Tommey, though the explosive duo carried their momentum through until the very end. Destroy and ZLaner pushed the pace with ridiculous 9.8 and 7.7kds respectively. Thanks to some unique AK-74u SMG builds, they were able to clean house and dominate the Grand Finals with a 2-0 victory.

HusKerrs Howl Day 1 Recap: Team Tfue dominate Kill Race

To kick off HusKerrs Howl: Top Dog, the Verdansk shenanigans began with a simple Trios Kill Race. And that $20K was immediately gobbled up by Team Tfue, with the former Fortnite pro joined by former CDL pro Blazt and Warzone streamer Pieman.

The trio didn’t post the highest-kill game of the day, but they did post numerous 70-kill games, ensuring enough consistency that their final score was a solid lead over the second-best team. Trotting out underused weapons like the RAM-7 and Streetsweeper, Tfue’s team demonstrated that the meta is as fluid as ever while securing their cash.

While it’s unknown what the teams will be in 2v2s, Tfue, Blazt, and Pieman all excelled on Day 1, winning $20K and ensuring they’re top candidates for new duos. All three posted top-10 K/Ds on the day, with Blazt’s 8.0 leading their trio.

HusKerrs Howl: Top Dog stream

The tournament series was streamed on the official HusKerrs Howl Twitch channel embedded above, but fans could also watch each player on their respective channels too.

The first day of action kicked off at 12PM PST on May 21. A full recap of the schedule can be found below.

HusKerrs Howl schedule & format

The HusKerrs Howl: Top Dog tournament series took place across five different days:

  • Day 1: May 21
    • Trios Kill Race tournament
  • Day 2: May 24
    • Duos in quads
    • Double elimination bracket
  • Day 3: May 25
    • Duos in quads
    • Double elimination bracket
  • Day 4: May 31
    • Duos in quads
    • Double elimination bracket
  • Day 5 (Grand Final): June 1
    • Duos in quads
    • Double elimination bracket
    • $100k prize pool

HusKerrs Howl teams & players

The players competing in HusKerrs Howl changed constantly, as the tourney shifted from a Day 1 Trios Kill Race to three days of 2v2 Quads qualifiers.

For the Grand Finals, only eight duos made it through and you can find them below:

ZLaner & Destroy SuperEvan & DiazBiffle
Jukeys & FifaKill HusKerrs & Newbz
Aydan & Rated Nickool & PicNICK
UnRationaL & ScummN Tommey & Almond

HusKerrs Howl prize pool breakdown

With $200k handed out across five days and five tournaments, here’s how the collective prize pool broke down:

Day Prize Pool
Day 1: May 21 $20,000
Day 2: May 24 $40,000
Day 3: May 25 $20,000
Day 4: May 31 $20,000
Day 5 (Grand Final): June 1 $100,000

A $200,000 prize pool was nothing to be scoffed at, so it all but guaranteed every top player was trying to get involved and go as hard as possible for the win.

“We’re bringing back HusKerrs Howl for a $200,000 5-tournament series to pull together the best Call of Duty: Warzone players and identify the real Top Dog,” HusKerrs said prior to the series. “It’s incredible to play a game that I love, but to host my friends in a tournament to play it, it’s surreal.”

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