How to unlock the Kali Sticks melee weapon in Modern Warfare Season 4

Infinity Ward

Modern Warfare’s major Season 4 update has come boasting a brand new melee weapon for players to unlock. Here’s a rundown on everything you need to know about the Kali Sticks.

Melee weapons have been few and far between in Modern Warfare, though Season 4 has brought a new addition. Kali Sticks can be unlocked for use in both standard multiplayer and Warzone as well.

The unique unlock hands you two lethal sticks to swat away at your opposition. They stand out from the regular Combat Knife thanks to the ability to dual wield. Meaning that you can attack far more frequently. Here’s a full rundown on the latest melee unlock.

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What are the Kali Sticks?

Season 4 allows you to drop into battle while “dual-wielding batons.” This melee option provides a unique buff to movement speed similar to the Combat Knife. However, it also boasts a “sturdy, lightweight design” which “enables rapid attacks.”

If you miss with a regular melee attack, it can take a brief moment to try again. With the new Kali Sticks you can spam away and hit anything in a close range. 

Infinity Ward
A look at the new Kali Sticks in Season 4 of Modern Warfare.

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How to Unlock the Kali Sticks

Unlike the majority of new Season 4 content, you won’t find the new melee option in the Battle Pass. The Kali Sticks need to be unlocked by completing a specific challenge, one that will take a minimum of 15 games to complete.

Using the standard Combat Knife, you’ll need to tally up three melee kills while sliding across “15 different matches.”

The timing on this could be quite finicky as sliding is an incredibly brief action. Expect to see players sliding around the map more than ever in pursuit of these new Kali Sticks. Our biggest tip is to grind Ground War. It’s the mode with the most players and therefore, the most potential to find three separate sliding melee kills.

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Infinity Ward
You’ll need to focus on sliding melee kills to unlock the Kali Sticks.

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If you’re just jumping back into Modern Warfare, there’s plenty on offer following the June 10 Season 4 update. Alongside the Kali Sticks are two brand new firearms in the form of the Fennec SMG and the CR-56 Amax AR.

Get caught up with all of the biggest changes this season by checking over the full patch notes.