How to unlock E-Tool shovel in Warzone & Black Ops Cold War


A brand-new weapon, the E-Tool shovel, is now available to unlock within both Black Ops Cold War and Warzone, but unlike others in the game, players will have to complete a challenge in order to get it. Here’s what you need to do.

With the release of Black Ops Cold War/Warzone Season 2, fans got a look at all the new weapons coming to the game and one of them was the E-Tool shovel. The shovel has become a fan-favorite weapon in CoD, most recently appearing in Call of Duty: Mobile.

Unlike some other weapons, however, not only would the E-Tool not appear in the battle pass, but players would instead have to wait until March 11, 2021, two weeks after Season 2’s release, to get their hands on it. It’s here now and you have to complete a challenge to unlock it.

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The E-Tool shovel was added to the game on March 11, 2021.

Unlocking the E-Tool shovel steps

Getting your hands on the E-Tool shovel is pretty simple. All players have to do is get a three killstreak with melee weapons in 15 different matches, which is one of the more easy challenges players have been tasked with.

Of course, it’s worth noting that this challenge can be completed in both Warzone and Black Ops Cold War’s multiplayer. That being said, you’ll more than likely want to complete it in the latter, as it may be a bit hard to get it a three killstreak within the battle royale mode.

Players have to get a three killstreak in 15 different matches in order to get the shovel.

Another note is that you MUST complete your matches in order to unlock the weapon. Leaving the match early will cause the progress you made on the challenge to not count and while that’s certainly annoying, it’s definitely worth mentioning, as it will end up saving you time.

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It should also go without saying but the challenge cannot be completed within the game’s Zombies mode, so don’t think that you can just run into 15 different Zombies games and complete it that way.

Nevertheless, getting 15 different three killstreaks shouldn’t be that hard, especially for those who are melee experts. And, if you don’t want to spend the time completing it, you can always purchase a bundle featuring the shovel and get it immediately.