Warzone Mar 15 update fixes glitch allowing hackers to end matches early

Warzone vehicle with logoActivision

Warzone devs Raven Software have released an update on March 15, fixing a glitch that allowed hackers to prematurely end matches.

Anyone who has taken a remote interest in Call of Duty: Warzone since its 2020 launch will know of the game’s major problems with hackers. It is perhaps a symptom of cross-platform play, but many players from all platforms have been affected by the issues.

Back at the start of February, 60,000 accounts were banned by Activision for cheating, but it appears to have hardly scratched the surface of the game’s issues with hackers. Many players have even reported that there are more hackers in their Warzone matches than before, despite the game being more than a year old.

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There was previously an issue where matches would end, resulting in a win for everyone in the lobby – and it’s back, but suspicions are that hackers are behind it.

Warzone characters top of a buildingActivision
Cheats have been a major issue in Warzone since its launch.

Warzone hackers to blame?

The cheats players use can vary massively, but wall-hacking and aim-botting are both incredibly common in standard matches. If this bug is actually the malicious work of hackers, it could be even more serious.

The exploit was captured by NRG content creator JoeWo, who hadn’t even landed in his Warzone match when the game was ended. He was then thrown into a Final Killcam, before the game ended completely.

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Bizarrely, it appears that Joe was handed a win for the match, suggesting that every player in the lobby was also given a 1st place finish. It’s not clear if the killcam shown was the ‘hackers’ themselves or just the last kill before the game was ended prematurely.

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Devs fix major game-ending Warzone glitch

Regardless of what was happening, or even how it was happening, the devs have provided players an update. Posting to Twitter on Monday, March 15, they said: “We rolled out a Warzone update yesterday addressing an issue that allowed matches to be ended prematurely.”

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They also ask that if anyone encounters the problem again, to report it in the replies, presumably so they can unsure they’ve completely fixed it.

A bug that gave all players in the lobby a free win was actually reported back in February. Raven have not yet responded to the issues, but many want to see a prompt fix given the nature and severity of the issues.

Since Warzone’s launch, though, many have criticized the slow responses of Raven and Activision to hacking, suggesting that their failure to implement a robust anti-cheat system is worsening the game for all players.

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This issue may have been fixed, but players will be eagerly awaiting updates on some of the more frustrating hacks that are encountered across Verdansk.

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