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How to open Warzone’s Nakatomi Plaza vault and complete Season 3 side missions

Published: 21/May/2021 13:02

by James Busby


The Warzone Season 3 Reloaded update is well underway and players will be wanting to check out the new Nakatomi Plaza POV. Here’s everything you need to open the Nakatomi Plaza vault. 

Warzone’s Season 3 Reloaded update features plenty of new content for players to dive into. Headlining the new update is none other than Rambo and John Mclane, who can be both unlocked through the 80s Action Heroes bundle. Verdansk has also undergone a few changes, with the addition of new POIs themed after the Rambo and Die Hard films.

Aside from the numerous Rambo POW camps that have been hidden throughout the map, there’s also the addition of the iconic Nakatomi Plaza. The massive skyscraper stands 490 feet tall and has replaced the game’s Broadcast Tower, giving Die Hard fans a thrilling place to duke it out when they drop into Downtown. 


However, Nakatomi Plaza also hides a hidden vault that can net you huge amounts of money if you get all three Vault Keycards. 

Nakatomi Plaza side missions in Warzone Season 3

Nakatomi Plaza Warzone
Activision / Treyarch
There a total of three side missions at Nakatomi Plaza.

In order to open the Nakatomi Plaza vault, you’ll first need to complete three side missions. The Nakatomi side missions are as follow:

  1. Unfinished Business: open three crates.
  2. Hostile Fire: Find and disarm all C4 locations.
  3. Deal Gone Wrong: Eliminate waves of enemies.

How to complete Warzone Unfinished Business: Vault Keycard 1

Warzone Unfinished Business
Start one of the contracts and begin opening the three crates.

The Unfinished Business side mission can be started by picking up one of the three contracts that are littered around Nakatomi Plaza. Once you’ve successfully started the contract, you need to open three crates.

This may seem relatively easy at first, but a lot of players will also be aiming to complete this contract as well. The three crates are located inside Nakatomi Plaza and upon reaching the third crate, you’ll be rewarded with Vault Keycard 1. 


How to complete Warzone Hostile Fire: Vault Keycard 2

Nakatomi Plaza Vault Keycard 2
Vault Keycard 2 can is located on the Nakatomi Plaza rooftop.

In a homage to Hans Gruber’s dastardly attempt to blow up Nakatomi Plaza, players must find and disarm four C4 explosives. These devices can be found on Nakatomi Plaza’s rooftop, so simply take one of the zip wires to the top of the building and begin disarming them. 

It’s often best to complete this challenge first as other players will often try killing you when you go to defuse the explosives. Simply hot drop onto the Nakatomi Plaza roof and make sure you deal with any pesky players before starting the mission. 

The event will also spawn a helicopter that will try to stop you from diffusing the devices, so either destroy it with a launcher or run the Cold-Blooded perk. Completing the mission will reward you with Vault Keycard 2. 


How to complete Warzone Deal Gone Wrong: Vault Keycard 3

Nakatomi Plaza parking lot
Vault Keycard 3 can be found inside the Nakatomi Plaza parking lot.

To complete the Deal Gone Wrong mission, you’ll need to make your way over to the parking lot. This location is found at the very bottom of Nakatomi Plaza and can be accessed from outside the building. 

Once inside, simply run over to the white truck and interact with the equipment on the table. This will spawn two waves of AI enemies, with the final one featuring a juggernaut enemy that you must defeat in order to gain Vault Keycard 3. 

How to open Nakatomi Plaza Vault

Nakatomi Plaza Vault
Once you’ve grabbed all the money, you’ll want to make a quick escape.

If you wish to open the Nakatomi Plaza Vault to gain all the goodies inside, then simply follow the instructions below: 


  1. Land at Nakatomi plaza.
  2. Complete one of the three side missions to obtain a Vault Keycard.
  3. Head to the 31st floor of the Nakatomi Plaza.
  4. Interact with the black box with the four TV screens on it.
  5. Open the three deposit boxes with each of the three Vault Keycards.

Once you have obtained all the money inside, simply run out of the building and head to the nearest Buy Station to purchase any loadouts, killstreaks, and items you wish. 

Now that you know how to complete all three Nakatomi side missions and how to open the Nakatomi Vault, you’ll be rich beyond your wildest dreams! Make sure you check out our Call of Duty page for all the latest news and updates.