All Warzone map changes in Season 3 Reloaded update: New Rambo & Die Hard locations


The Warzone Season 3 Reloaded ‘midseason’ update brings with it several major map changes to Verdansk ’84, including new POIs themed after the Rambo and Die Hard films.

It’s rare to see any significant map changes midway through a season in Warzone, but that’s exactly what Raven Software have cooked up for the upcoming mid-Season 3 Reloaded patch.

With iconic movie characters like Rambo and Die Hard’s John McClane coming to Call of Duty, Activision want to amplify the battle royale’s connection to those classic ’80s films with new themed locations in Verdansk.

One thing that is important to note, however, is all of the map changes highlighted here are officially called “limited time locations,” meaning that they will be reverted after a period of time.

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Nakatomi Plaza added to Downtown

Die Hard Nakatomi Plaza WarzoneActivision
The Nakatomi Plaza tower from Die Hard is coming to Verdansk!

Anyone who’s seen Die Hard will recognize Nakatomi Plaza, the massive skyscraper that stands 490 feet tall. The 35-story building is coming to Downtown, replacing the Broadcast Tower and surrounding blocks in the southern end of the POI.

Nakatomi Plaza will feature optional side-missions as well that players can complete for in-game rewards, including disarming the tower roof with C4, interrupting an arms deal, and cracking the vault in the Plaza.

New Rambo-themed Survival Camps

The Rambo-themed Survival Camps will temporarily replace the campsites on Verdansk!

The various campsites spread around Verdansk are being transformed into Survival Camps, themed after the Vietnamese camps that are seen throughout the Rambo films. As with Nakatomi Plaza, these now locations also include side-missions that involve collecting Dog Tags for rewards.

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CIA Outpost

A new POI called CIA Outpost will be added in place of an airport hanger.

One of the aircraft hangers located in the northwest area of Verdansk is being converted to a new location called CIA Outpost, once again from the Rambo films. Specifically, this POI will resemble the CIA outpost in First Blood Part II, the sequel to the original Rambo movie.

When is the Warzone Season 3 Reloaded update?

All of these map changes will officially go live with the midseason update on Wednesday, May 19 at 9PM PT, which means overnight on Thursday morning for most of the world.

Here are the global release times for this patch:

  • 9:00 PM PT – May 19
  • 11:00 PM CT – May 19
  • 12:00 AM ET – May 20
  • 5:00 AM BST (UK) – May 20
  • 6:00 AM CEST (Europe) – May 20
  • 2:00 PM AEST (Australia) – May 20

You can check out everything new coming to this update in the Warzone Season 3 Reloaded patch notes here.

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