All Warzone POW Camp locations for Rambo Fallen Soldier dog tags

Rambo at POW Camps in WarzoneActivision

Rambo and Die Hard have taken over Warzone for the time being with some special movie-themed locations coming to Verdansk. Here’s how you can find POW Camps for the Fallen Soldier dog tags.

After a few rumors, teasers, and eventual leaks, the worlds of Rambo and Die Hard came to Warzone with the May 19 update. 

Warzone players can buy skins of both John Rambo and John McClane with the 80’s Action Heroes bundle, and live out their dreams of fighting through Nakatomi Plaza.

The update also included some map changes and challenges for players to get their teeth into, including a bunch of POW (Prisoner of War) Camps that are iconic in the Rambo franchise. These locations have dog tags to claim, but if you’re not careful, you may miss out. 

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The Rambo-themed Survival Camps will temporarily replace the campsites on Verdansk!

Where to get Fallen Soldier dog tags at Warzone POW Camps

In total, there are 10 POW Camps in Warzone, four in the north, four in the center of the map, and two to the south. 

To get them to appear on your in-game mini-map, you need to go to the CIA Outpost that can be found at the Airport and interact with the whiteboard. 

Once you’ve done so, the POW Camps will appear on your map for that game. However, once you leave and start another game, they won’t re-appear unless you retrace your steps. So, you may as well just make a note of them the first time around. 

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  1. Drop into a game of Warzone
  2. Head to the CIA Outpost at Airport
  3. Interact with the whiteboard
  4. The POW Camps will appear on your map
Map of POW Camps in Warzone for Rambo dog tagsActivision
The 10 locations of the POW Camps in Warzone

How to find Rambo dog tags in Warzone

When you visit a POW Camp, you have the chance to collect the Fallen Soldier dog tags. However, if you’re too slow, another team can claim them. 

It appears as if one set of dog tags spawns at each separate camp in each game, so there are only ten up for grabs. Plus, players have reported that you can only carry one set of tags per match, so you will have to repeat the process a few times to complete the dog tags-related challenge.

Fallen Soldier Rambo dog tag in WarzoneActivision
The Dog Tags spawn at the POW Camps.

Once you do, you’ll get a unique calling card and 1000 XP to help you towards your next level. 

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Don’t forget, these locations are limited-time only, so you can’t wait forever to complete the challenge. So, jump on in!