How to open Warzone Stadium rooms with hidden keycards

Daniel Cleary
warzone Stadium with helicopters in season 5

Warzone players have found locked doors inside of the Stadium in Season 5, which can be opened with keycards hidden around the point-of-interest. Here’s how to unlock these new rooms.

Modern Warfare Season 5 was finally released on August 5 and it included some massive map changes and new features added to Warzone.

The Season’s intro cinematic revealed that the roof of the Stadium was literally blown off by the Shadow Company, opening up new spots in the POI for players to explore.

Stadium keycard in Warzone

Once Season 5 got underway, Warzone players quickly noticed that there are locked doors inside the stadium, which can only be opened with nearby keycards.

There are three blue keycards, that spawn at random locations around the Stadium, but each of them are marked with different codes for the door they can open.

All Keycard codes for the Stadium doors

  • Parking Garage door – P2 – 16
  • Lower Level door – CL – 19
  • Middle Level door – EL – 21

The keycards are often tucked away in corners or under sets of stairs and can be quite difficult to spot, but they are marked with a blue glow to make things a bit easier.

It is worth noting that they can not be found in any of the loot boxes and should only be available as floor loot. Here’s what you’ll need to open the locked doors.

How to open Stadium’s locked rooms in Warzone

  1. Make your way to the Verdansk Stadium POI in Warzone.
  2. Search all levels of the Stadium for these keycards.
  3. After finding one of the cards, go to the corresponding door, as seen with the codes above.
  4. Once you find the door, simply interact with the keypad to open the room.
All stadium room locations in Warzone
All locked door locations in Warzone’s Stadium.

Inside the locked room is a Legendary loot box and a computer that gives you another code after interacting with it.

However, as of now, it is unclear just what these computer codes do, although some have suggested that the codes might be used to unlock Bunker 11 once again.