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How to kill the Juggernaut in Warzone – tips & tricks

Published: 21/Nov/2020 23:00

by Marco Rizzo


Since the introduction of the juggernaut drop in Warzone back in July, players have been looking at ways to more easily kill the armored beast. Here are some tips that could help you in your quest. 

A juggernaut can create a lot of problems when you are trying to get those wins in Warzone. The game mode already takes a lot of teamwork and skill to achieve a top placement and the addition of an almost invincible enemy certainly doesn’t help.

Even after Activision nerfed the Juggernaut drops by making them harder to obtain, the powerful killstreak remains as powerful as ever and could easily draw your Warzone games to a premature end.


We have compiled a series of tips in order to help you be more effective against the Juggernaut in your games.

Juggernauts are some of the scariest foes you can possibly find around Verdansk.

Know your enemy

Probably the most important fact to understand about the Juggernaut is that their health does not regenerate (except for when they kill enemies).

This means that any damage that you or anyone inflicts on the target will be mostly permanent, giving you the opportunity to fall back and replenish health and armor without having your progress wiped out.

Keep your distance

Juggernauts are very slow beasts, in fact, they only have around 66-70% of the mobility of a normal player equipped with an SMG. This means that if the gunfight starts taking the wrong turn you will always have the option of safely running away without the fear of being chased — as long as they’re not near a vehicle.


This also comes useful when engaging against a Juggernaut that made the mistake of being caught on an open field, making them vulnerable from fire for a longer period of time compared to a normal player.

Additionally, while their gun is mind-blowingly powerful at short distances, it starts becoming significantly less effective past the 50-meter mark.

Modern Warfare Juggernaut
Activision / Infinity Ward
While a popular item in all Call of Duty games, the Juggernaut seems unwelcome in Warzone.

Prepare your loadout

There are some specific items that will make a big impact when fighting the Juggernaut.

Call of Duty Youtuber TheXclusiveAce shows that equipping your weapons with the FMJ perk will increase the damage inflicted by your bullets against a Juggernaut by “about 50 percent” percent, significantly decreasing the amount of ammo required.


Reddit user -Arhael- does a good job explaining the importance that a single stun grenade could have in a fight against the Juggernaut, significantly slowing down the already weighted down target.

Stunning a juggernaut could also create the perfect opportunity to utilize any Thermites, Molotovs, or even Air Strikes. Its limited mobility will significantly increase the effectiveness of lethal equipment.

-Arhael- also explains the versatility of Riot Shields and how a smart user would be able to safely prevent the target from pushing and hold them off while a team focuses fire on them.

As a final bonus tip, underbarrel equipment (especially incendiary launchers) seem to also be a great way to slowly kill the Juggernaut and can be used with great effect from cover.