How to get Warzone’s That’s a Lot of Molecules High Trip camo

Connor Bennett
Purple, green and red skin being held up in call of duty firing range

Warzone players can get their hands on a new free skin, the That’s a Lot of Molecules camo, by playing the High Trip Resurgence mode. Here’s what you need to know.

Over the last few years, Warzone has had a fair few limited-time modes added to the battle royale mix, especially when it comes to a crossover event. No one is forgetting the Godzilla and Kong or Die Hard events anytime soon, for example. 

Recently, as April 20th – or 4/20 – has been approaching, Call of Duty has been gearing up to celebrate that as the Season 3 update has brought about a new Snoop Dogg skin, Cheech and Chong skins and tracers, and a new mode – High Trip Resurgence. 

While the new skins and bundles are, of course, available through the in-game store, the new mode does bring about a free reward for those players who don’t want or choose to put their hand in their pocket and spend cash. 

The skin – the That’s a Lot of Molecules camo – is a funky green, red, purple, and blue number that can be seen on different weapons in the LTM. 

How to unlock That’s a Lot of Molecules High Trip skin in Warzone

If you want to own it for good, you’re going to need to win a game of High Trip Resurgence yourself. That’s all you need to do, just claim victory and the skin will be added to your collection. 

That win will need to come by the time the High Trip Resurgence mode goes away on April 23, 2024, though.

If you’ve already won a game and not had the skin unlocked – which had been an issue previously – you may have to contact Activision support. 

It’s that or you climb the mountain again and win another game of the LTM.

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