How to get the new Spotter Scope in Call of Duty: Warzone

Jacob Hale
Warzone prison Spotter Scope

[jwplayer qiSnM8TU]In Season 4, Warzone has had a fresh lick of paint with weapon balancing updates, new weapons and new items. But what is the Spotter Scope and, more importantly, how do you get one?

The Spotter Scope is, essentially, the non-lethal substitute for a sniper rifle. It’s basically a pair of binoculars that you can use to see over long distances and plan your next move accordingly.

This is helpful if you don’t want to create an Overkill loadout with a sniper rifle, but still want the added benefits of being able to scout out enemy locations that you would usually get from your sniper.

Warzone spotter scope on floor
The Spotter Scope is a more passive alternative to a sniper rifle.

Unfortunately, the Spotter Scope isn’t just something you can add to your loadout in the main lobby, and similar to Field Upgrades, they can only be found and picked up in-game.

That said, it’s not as easy as simply heading to the right location and grabbing one – you need to know where, and what to look for.

How to find the Spotter Scope in Warzone

To find the Spotter Scope in Warzone, you have two options: Find it in a loot cache or complete a Recon contract.

Obviously, finding one out of a loot cache would seem easier but you have to rely on one actually dropping, so we would advise aiming for Recon contracts so as to also get ahead of where the next circle is.

The Spotter Scope occupies the Tactical gear slot, meaning it will replace any Heartbeat Sensor or Tactical Grenade you have, so you may have to make some tough decisions.

Warzone Spotter Scope zoomed in
The Spotter Scope has variable zoom options and a thermal toggle.

The Spotter Scope is especially helpful early to late game, where you can plan out your rotations slightly better and get an eye on any nearby pesky rooftop campers before they have the chance to catch you by surprise.

That said, as the match reaches its final moments, you may want to consider whether you really need that Spotter Scope, as a Heartbeat Sensor or tactical grenade may be more helpful to give you the upper hand in gunfights.