“OP” Warzone AR is perfect for dominating Urzikstan in Season 2

Connor Bennett
Green BP50 skin in Warzone on Urzikstan mapActivision

Warzone expert Metaphor has highlighted an “OP” assault rifle that should be taking the battle royale by storm but is being overlooked by many players. 

At times, the Warzone meta has been pretty stale – dominated by one or two guns and not allowing much room for anything else to thrive. Though, things have been a little different so far with Modern Warfare 3’s integration. 

Across Season 1, Season 1 Reloaed, and now Season 2, many players and stats gurus have praised the devs for putting the meta in a more diverse position than ever before. This has allowed some previously under-the-radar weapons, such as the Striker 9, SVA 545, and MTZ-762, to thrive. 

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They aren’t the only ones living their best lives at the minute, however, as Metaphor – who has the most kills of any Warzone player in the world – has highlighted a new assault rifle. 

Metaphor’s best BP50 loadout for Warzone Season 2

The assault rifle in question is the BP50, which was only added in Season 2 but hasn’t shot to the top of the popularity charts just yet. However, the Warzone expert believes that it is “OP” and should be used by more players. 

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“I think this thing is an insane sniper support. The range you get on this thing is actually insane. I wouldn’t be surprised if it gets nerfed really because it is just that OP and not many people are using it, man,” the YouTuber said, comparing it to how it took a while for players to pick up the RAM-7. 

In fact, Metaphor noted that it may be “more fun” to use than the RAM-7 thanks to the BP50’s strafe speed which is helped out by the Moat-40 Stock and CCG-TAC tape rear grip. 

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  • Barrel: LHT-200 Barrel
  • Underbarrel: FTAC MSP-98 Handstop
  • Magazine: 45-round mags
  • Rear Grip: CCG-TAC Tape
  • Stock: Moat-40 Stock

As noted, the BP50 was only added in the recent Season 2 update and can be unlocked through the battle pass. Just get to Sector B7 and the new Assault Rifle will be yours to use. 

If you haven’t unlocked it already, and are maybe waiting for it to become an Armory Unlock, you’ll want to get a move on. If Metaphor is right, and he usually is, it’ll be nerfed long before than and you’ll have missed out.

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