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How to get Black Ops Cold War and Warzone Happy Holidays Bundle for free

Published: 24/Dec/2020 20:44 Updated: 24/Dec/2020 20:45

by Tanner Pierce


Players can finally get their hands on a free Black Ops Cold War x Warzone Holiday bundle which includes a sniper blueprint among other items. Here’s how you can find the bundle and redeem it.

If you’ve been wondering how to collect your copy of the Black Ops Cold War Holiday Bundle that was revealed some time ago, then your questions are about to be answered.

Activision and Treyarch have released all three Holiday Bundles within the first-person shooter and one of them is completely free of charge. But what comes packaged in the free bundle and how can you get your hands on it? Read on to get the full breakdown.


Black Ops Cold War Holiday Bundle Contents

The main item the bundle comes with is a brand new blueprint for the M82 sniper.

Easily the most notable item in the bundle is the Epic M82 Frozen Chosen blueprint, which gives the weapon a unique frosted-theme, complete with icicles. Of course, since it’s a blueprint, it also comes with some attachments, including a new magazine, muzzle, barrel, stock, and handle.

Beyond that, the pack also includes two weapon charms, one based on a snowman and the other based on a jingle bell, as well as an emblem and calling card, which all keep with the winter and snow theme.

While all of that is cool, it’s not crazy to say that most will be redeeming this free bundle for the blueprint, which includes a surprisingly solid selection of attachments, improving the weapon overall.


Unfortunately, they don’t seem to help mitigate the M82’s painfully slow ADS time that much, but that’s not really surprising.

How to redeem the bundle

The Happy Holidays Free Bundle can be found in the in-game store.

Getting your hands on the bundle is simple. It can be found just like any other DLC pack in the game and luckily, there’s nothing you need to do before hand in order to make it pop up. If you’re still having trouble, here are the steps you can follow:

  1. Open Black Ops Cold War or Warzone
  2. Tab over to the “Store” section
  3. Scroll down until you find the “Happy Holidays Free Bundle” and select it
  4. Select “Claim Bundle”

After that, the items should appear in your inventory to select as you so desire, just like any other bundle or pack that you would buy from the Call of Duty in-game store.


All in all, with the amount of items you’re getting in the pack and the quality of items in that pack, it seems like a steal to give it away for free. Unfortunately, there’s no telling how long it’ll be in the store for, so you’ll want to get your hands on it as quick as possible.