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Black Ops Cold War players sick of multiplayer challenges forcing you to play Warzone

Published: 23/Dec/2020 10:09 Updated: 23/Dec/2020 10:12

by Jacob Hale


Black Ops Cold War players are growing increasingly incensed with multiplayer challenges that force them to play battle royale Warzone to be completed.

By now, you’ll be well aware of what Warzone is, especially if you’re a Call of Duty player. In fact, you’ve likely been grinding the game just as much as you have been Black Ops Cold War and, formerly, Modern Warfare, which Warzone dropped alongside.

That said, the game’s not for everyone, and that’s fine. Those players, though, have stumbled into a bit of an issue when trying to complete their multiplayer challenges, as some of them must be completed in Warzone, meaning they’ll have to load the BR up whether they enjoy it or not.


As more and more players get closer to 100% completing the BOCW challenges, the frustration with these is starting to reach fever pitch, with many players hitting out at developer Treyarch over this decision.

Park operator Black Ops Cold War warzone
There are Warzone challenges for the Park operator.

Warzone challenges in Black Ops Cold War multiplayer

Obviously Warzone and Black Ops Cold War both fall under the online multiplayer banner in Call of Duty, but these players explain their position pretty well, and it definitely makes sense why they might not want to have the battle royale challenges fully integrated.

One post on the BOCW subreddit, which has since been deleted by moderators, puts it bluntly: “I don’t want to play Warzone to unlock Cold War cosmetics.”


“Since they don’t let you see the challenges in advance I found out that I had to play an entirely different game for the one thing I wanted out of this,” iceyk111 explained. “It’s not a debilitating issue but I hate Warzone with a burning passion and would appreciate alternative challenges for people who don’t want to switch TO AN ENTIRELY OTHER GAME!”

Warzone challenges in Black Ops Cold War
The Park operator challenges have become a problem for BOCW players.

Another post by h0sti1e17, which is still live and gaining hundreds of upvotes, asks to “please stop with Warzone challenges.”

“There are some challenges I don’t like. Including ones with vehicles since I don’t play those games modes. But I understand those because they are part of the main game,” they explained.


H0sti1e17 finishes by asking the obvious question: if Zombies challenges are separate, why not Warzone?

Warzone challenges in Black Ops Cold War
Some people believe that if Zombies challenges are separate, as should Warzone challenges.

Whether Treyarch reconsiders how they integrate these challenges into the game in the future remains to be seen.

Warzone and the regular Call of Duty multiplayer experiences are meant to be tied together to a degree, but whether they see these challenges as an issue or not is a question that many players will want answering.