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How Black Ops Cold War is changing the Call of Duty campaign formula

Published: 24/Sep/2020 5:57

by Brad Norton


Treyarch and Raven Software have revealed plans to shake up the traditional Call of Duty campaign experience with a number of unique features coming to Black Ops Cold War.

Since the first core release in 2003, Call of Duty games have featured globetrotting storylines across all eras of warfare. From realistic portrayals of historic battles, to sci-fi infused fiction in futuristic titles, the games have seen and done it all.


Dipping back into the Cold War period with the next release, Treyarch and Raven Software have a few tricks up their sleeves to make this experience stand out from the rest. Lined up as a “direct sequel” to the original Black Ops title, players will be back in action with the iconic cast of characters such as Mason and Woods. While the familiar faces will help you feel right at home, don’t expect the campaign to feel all that similar.

The developers have built the campaign experience around new features that will drastically shake up the narrative. While we already knew about custom characters and multiple endings, there’s plenty more going on under the hood.


Instead of simply going through the motions in Black Ops Cold War, you’ll need to think outside the box. Players will be required to find evidence and “solve puzzles that’ll unlock a different part of [a] side mission,” Raven Software Senior Creative Director Dan Vondrak told the PlayStation Official Magazine.

While much of the narrative will be streamlined and accessible, some sections can clearly be missed. Failing to find evidence, or not putting the pieces together could have you missing out on content. This additional content is crucial in determining the game’s outcome, as player input will affect the ending you see.

This manual input doesn’t just pertain to side missions, however. In the midst of heated arguments, players will be given dialogue options akin to those in Role Playing Games. Individual missions will have branching storylines with multiple possible endings. Choices are at the core of every beat in the Black Ops Cold War campaign, Vondrak stressed.


“This culmination of ideas and experiences are crystallized and harnessed into Black Ops Cold War,” Raven’s Creative Specialist Miles Leslie added. It’s a blend of “some RPG and some action.” When these “ingredients” are put together, it results in a “super-tasty” campaign that can be played through multiple times.

Black Ops Cold War gameplay
The Black Ops Cold War campaign will be a direct sequel to the fan favorite 2010 release.

Developers have clearly placed a ton of emphasis on new features in the campaign. However, players are still demanding new tweaks to the multiplayer experience this time around. The recent Alpha test was well-received, though one key issue stood out: skill-based matchmaking.

Many pro players lashed out at its inclusion in the early test, and a poll with more than 80k votes revealed how the community feels about the feature.

Call of Duty

Best FOV settings for Black Ops Cold War Beta on PS4 & Xbox One

Published: 8/Oct/2020 20:18

by Tanner Pierce


Black Ops Cold War Beta players on consoles can finally change their field of view settings thanks to a welcome addition by Treyarch. Here’s everything you need to know about the new options, including what the best setting is.

Field of view options for consoles is something that fans have been asking for for a long time. Whenever a new CoD game releases, there’s always a section of PlayStation and Xbox players wondering why the option hasn’t been made available for them. It’s equally frustrating considering that the PC version of every iteration has had the options available on day one.


This is all changing with Black Ops Cold War, however, as Treyarch has confirmed that players on consoles will finally be able to adjust their field of view. For people unfamiliar with the options, this might be a bit confusing. Taking advantage of these settings, however, might end up helping your game.

What is field of view?

At its most basic form, field of view is how much of the game you see on your screen. A lower FOV means you’ll see less, while a higher field of view means you’ll see more.


While some people might immediately say that a high field of view is automatically better, it’s important to note that the higher the field of view, the more distorted your screen will look and the smaller objects will look at a distance.

Generally speaking, you’ll want to balance you’re field of view with what your comfortable looking at.

How do I adjust my FOV settings?

In the beta, finding the FOV slider is relatively simple but in case you don’t know, here’s a quick and simple guide to figure it out.

  1. In your Black Ops Cold War Beta application, press the buttons for “Settings”
  2. Tab over to the “Graphics” options
  3. Scroll down until you see “Field of View”
  4. Adjust the slider from left to right to set to your desired setting.
The Field of View can be can be adjusted in the game settings.

What’s the ideal field of view setting?

If you’ve never played with a modified field of view before, it might be best to take things slow. Working your way up will allow you to adjust to the higher FOV so that you’re not thrown into the deep in, so to speak.

In order to have a high FOV, while making sure that you can still see enemies, it’s recommended to keep your adjusted setting at 100. While you can certainly push it all the way up to 120, the former will allow you to experience the changes without it being too difficult to see things at a distance.