Modern Warfare 2 players desperate for return of fan-favorite Cold War mode

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Maps have been the center of much discussion in Modern Warfare 2, and the conversation has shifted once more as some MW2 players have suggested that a Black Ops Cold War game mode could fix the ongoing issues.

Modern Warfare 2 has faced questions about its maps going all the way back to the game’s original beta. Grand Prix, now known as Crown Raceway, didn’t appear when it was supposed to, which raised concerns. Even more questions were asked when one of the game’s beta maps actually missed the game’s launch altogether.

Recently, the state of Modern Warfare 2’s map selection has been so polarizing that players have been jokingly – we think – asking for a meme map to be added to the game.

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One of the major complaints has been about the size of Modern Warfare 2’s maps, and one user has come up with an unexpected suggestion.

Could Black Ops Cold War be the answer to MW2 map troubles?

There’s a general feeling among players that many of Modern Warfare 2’s maps are simply too big, and that historically the series has benefitted from smaller, tighter maps.

As stated by Modern Warfare 2 Reddit user Chaldean710: “The cry for 24/7 Shipment is a cry for smaller maps.” This comes as a response to the constant addition and removal of the Shipment 24/7 playlist which is always very popular for camo challenges and weapon unlocks.

However, one user commented on this post with an intriguing thought: “Every CoD should have a Face Off mode with no streaks.” This point was backed up by another top-voted comment saying: “Face Off 6v6 was my favorite mode in Cold War.”

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The Black Ops Cold War mode, which was actually first introduced in Modern Warfare 3, would see players showdown in much smaller maps concentrated on 2v2 and 3v3 action. No Killstreaks or Scorestreaks – just pure gunplay and teamwork to decide the victors. In Cold War, some playlist options would escalate to higher player counts on teams, but still confine them to smaller maps.

Another MW2 Reddit post was in full agreement too with user Mega_Millions saying: “Cold War had an excellent game mode called Face Off. It used maps made for a 3×3 mode but with 6×6 players. So insanely small maps and no streaks. So you had 4-6 maps smaller than Nuketown.”

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Is this the answer to the constantly mixed responses to Modern Warfare 2’s multiplayer maps? Only time will tell. In the meantime, MW2 players have got other things to be concerned about, such as the one-hit Shotgun loadout ruining everybody’s day.