CoD pros Scump, Attach & more hit out at SBMM in Black Ops Cold War

Joe Craven
CoD pros next to Black Ops Cold War backrgound and logo

A host of Call of Duty pro players and prominent content creators have hit out at Black Ops Cold War’s Alpha, over its controversial inclusion of skill-based matchmaking.

There are few topics that have been as prominent and divisive in gaming as skill-based matchmaking. Unfortunately, it does appear to be any closer to a resolution, with a host of new titles including SBMM as a key part of finding lobbies.

While early feedback to the Black Ops Cold War Alpha has been largely positive, criticisms emerged on September 18 as it became clear that players were being put into lobbies with those of very similar skill.

Black Ops Cold War Alpha
The Alpha went live on September 18, being announced just two days earlier by Treyarch.

SBMM, many argue, should only be present in ranked game modes to ensure casual matches remain casual. However, it appears to have been added to the Black Ops Cold War Alpha, with a host of prominent Call of Duty names hitting out at its inclusion.

Chicago Huntsmen SMG and Call of Duty legend Seth ‘Scump’ Abner commented that the SBMM was “nuts”, and hinted that he wants to see it toned down. As one of the best players to ever touch Call of Duty, we can’t imagine being put in a lobby with players of Scump’s level is very fun.

His feelings were echoed by pro player Attach, who argued that SBMM should only be present in ranked game modes.

“SBMM doesn’t belong in CoD,” the ROKKR pro stated. “Just give us a good Ranked Playlist instead.” Ex-CoD World Champion JKap stated the exact same.

Similarly, content creator and CoD sniper FaZe Bloo hit out at the mechanic for punishing good players; one of the most common complaints about SBMM.

“I’m literally just gonna keep making new accounts to play the Alpha,” he said, “because it makes no sense to me that we’re PUNISHED for being GOOD.”

His fellow FaZe Clan member Pamaj, though, shared a different opinion and encouraged players to “adapt” to “whatever gets thrown” at them.

“Guys I don’t care about SBMM,” he said. “Like I went to play Wagers/GBs last year chasing the cracked players not running from them. I can’t enjoy a game if I’m going into it knowing certain things like that cause then I’ll be bitching 24/7 about it. I always just be adapting to whatever gets thrown our way.”

It seems that, once again, skill-based matchmaking will prove a controversial topic in this year’s Call of Duty.

It’s long been unpopular, but game studios have their reasons for including it and more and more games seem to be using it as a key part of matchmaking. We’ll have to wait and see how Activision plays this one.