Handy CoD Vanguard attachment makes weapon leveling much quicker

Julian Young
Call of Duty Vanguard Gunsmith Weapon Bench Attachments With Game Logo

Call of Duty: Vanguard offers a never-before-seen level of customization with its 10 weapon attachments per gun — one of which can be kitted out to help speed up the game’s lengthy weapon leveling process.

The latest CoD installment, Vanguard, has hit the ground running after its release on November 5, with fans jumping headfirst into the game’s multiplayer modes to check them out.

For many players, the ultimate goal with each year’s Call of Duty title is maxing out their guns and unlocking mastery camos, and Vanguard is no different. Sledgehammer’s latest offering provides some eye-popping rewards for players who knock out all of the game’s weapon challenges.

While those skins are enticing, many feel that Vanguard’s camo grind has been cranked up to eleven. Fortunately, players can speed up their weapon XP gains (and shorten the camo grind) by using one specific attachment: Surplus.

Call of Duty Vanguard Multiplayer Reveal Trailer Character Gun Firing
If you’re gunning for Vanguard’s mastery camos, this attachment is made for you.

CoD Vanguard attachment cuts down weapon leveling grind

As the discussion around Vanguard’s weapon grind raged on social media, Call of Duty community manager Shaun Akerman stepped in to offer some advice on an easy way to speed up that process.

“Pro tip: the Surplus Kit [attachment] gives +20 XP in Base, Operator, Weapon and Clan XP per kill,” he explained on Twitter, before confirming that “This also adds +20 to Battle Pass XP.”

Fans were amazed by this, and some shared that they had no clue this attachment even existed. “What’s Surplus?” one player asked, “I’ve not heard of this or seen it? Do I live under a rock?”

Fortunately, a fellow Vanguard camo grinder chimed in with a helpful explanation and shared that this particular attachment is found under the “Kit” slot in Vanguard’s gunsmith.

Others thanked Akerman for clearing up the perk’s confusing description. “This is incredible to know since it’s not very clear [in-game],” one player said, with another remarking “Wow, I really thought it just gave “+1″ XP per kill, like it said [in the gunsmith].”

If Surplus isn’t already a part of your Vanguard arsenal, it’s the perfect time to slot it in and speed up the weapon leveling grind — you’ll be well on your way to unlocking those coveted Gold, Diamond and Atomic weapon skins in no time.

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