Greatest Call of Duty comeback ever? ROKKR reverse sweep Ultra in CDL Major 5 Finals

Brad Norton
ROKKR CDL Stage 5Twitter: ROKKR

We may have just witnessed the greatest comeback in Call of Duty history. Despite a 0-4 start in the CDL Major V Grand Finals, Minnesota ROKKR did the unthinkable and reverse swept Toronto Ultra to take out the trophy and etch their spot in the history books.

Having made their way through the winner’s bracket, ROKKR was warming up backstage on Championship Sunday as their final challenge came into focus. After an emphatic 3-1 win over OpTic, it was none other than Ultra who booked their rematch in the Grand Finals.

Momentum proved to be on their side after toppling the Green Wall. Ultra stormed through the opening maps more decisively than ever. 250-34 in the Hardpoint, 6-1 in the S&D, the final showdown looked to be a complete and utter shutout.

As fans poured out of the venue, viewers closed the stream, and the victor appeared all but decided, Ultra carried this pace to a 4-0 lead. But it was during the fifth game, as both teams loaded into Miami S&D, that a spark was lit. 

With their backs against the wall, ROKKR kickstarted the impossible run and pulled out the biggest reverse sweep in competitive CoD history.

Despite obliterating Ultra just 24 hours prior in the winner’s finals, it took ROKKR four maps to find their footing this time around. Once Ultra’s momentum came to a screeching halt, it was off to the races for the Stage 5 “underdogs,” veteran Dillon ‘Attach’ Price explained.

“We just started laughing and having a good time,” he said. “Even when we went down 0-4, we just said there’s still no pressure.”

That shift in mentality paved the way for one of the greatest rebounds in not only competitive CoD history, but esports history as a whole.

Wins in Control, S&D, and Hardpoint all led to one final round of action as ROKKR tied the series up four maps a piece. Raid would be the final stage for the historic comeback and it was the rookie Eli ‘Standy’ Bentz who took charge. 

In his first pro season, playing in a LAN setting for just the fourth time in his career, the 20-year old young gun came out firing on all cylinders, refusing to let his team falter at the final hurdle.

“TCT, we have a little rule,” Standy revealed in his post-game interview. “Trust. Communication. Teamwork. We were just saying that, put our heads down and we can really win this. 

“I had full trust, I believed in my teammates and myself and we did it.”

Elation on one end of the stage and heartbreak on the other. On the opposite end of the reverse sweep, Ultra let slip the biggest lead possible in competitive CoD. Best of nines are held exclusively for Major finals making a five-map rebound the rarest occurrence in CoD today.

ROKKR now looks ahead to “the big one” as they push to close out Champs. After the Stage 5 Major, it’s safe to say just about anything is possible.