Enable explains why Atlanta FaZe aren’t a dynasty roster – yet

Jaret Kappelman
Enable explains why Atlanta FaZe aren’t a dynasty roster – yet

Atlanta Faze have been one of the Call of Duty League’s most dominant teams throughout its first two seasons. The team has won five championships but has yet to win a CoD Champs. Which leaves the question: are FaZe a dynasty?

Atlanta FaZe have been nothing short of dominant the past two year in the CDL and they’ve done so with a core roster of three players. Chris ‘Simp’ Lehr, Tyler ‘aBeZy’ Pharris, and McArthur ‘Cellium’ Jovel have been part of the roster for the past two years.

There have been two other rosters that can be argued as a dynasty in Call of Duty esports history, coL and OpTic Gaming. FaZe is joining in on the conversation after performing time and time again against the world’s best — despite not winning Champs.

On Reverse Sweep, our analysts debated why FaZe should or shouldn’t be considered a CoD dynasty.

Enable & Pacman argue FaZe dynasty status

In just two seasons, Atlanta FaZe have won 5 championships and appeared in 11 grand finals out of 13 tournaments attended. On this episode of Reverse Sweep the question of dynasty status is asked, with Jonathan ‘Pacman’ Tucker explaining that they are.

However with all these accolades Ian ‘Enable’ Wyatt didn’t believe that FaZe can be considered a dynasty yet. Enable mentions that three of these players have won a ring together, but he said “I think they need to win a ring as a unit.”

Enable added that if Atlanta is able to win the upcoming CoD Champs, then there is no way to argue that they aren’t a dynasty. The former pro also believes that this team has the chance to be the greatest dynasty of all time if they have a good year next season.

FaZe have an average placing of 1.92 across the CDL existence, which is why Pacman believes that FaZe is already one. Pacman claimed that Simp and aBeZy have been at the top of CoD for the past three years.

According to Pacman, FaZe have consistently been at the top and it is almost “boring” to watch these players dominate the game. He said that if FaZe wins Champs in Cold War then “there’s no question that they are the number one dynasty.”

The Call of Duty Championship is set to begin August 19 and Atlanta FaZe have a chance to capture their first win as a team. If they do so, they can become the greatest CoD dynasty of all-time.