Game-breaking Modern Warfare glitch lets you keep shooting forever

Brad Norton

A devastating Modern Warfare glitch has been uncovered that allows shotguns to be fired at an infinite rate without ever running low on ammunition.

Infinity Ward’s latest release in the Call of Duty franchise has been bogged down by a number of game-breaking issues since it’s 2019 launch. From chairs that kill you to players shooting through walls, there are some nagging bugs lying underneath the surface.

The latest significant glitch stems from the Model 680 shotgun and shockingly allows players to fire the weapon endlessly without running out of ammunition.

Close-range combat might get a lot more challenging thanks to this shotgun exploit.

While testing out slug rounds on the particular shotgun, Reddit user ‘Dinjur’ stumbled upon a plethora of issues impacting the weapon.

“When you equip slug rounds with the Model, the reload animation becomes very weird, you can only reload one at a time,” he explained while demonstrating how the gun could only be reloaded a single slug at a time.

The animation would simply cut off as each slug was placed into the weapon. They explained how holding down the reload button would fix the issue but obviously that requires a constant, manual input.

“However, that’s not the worst part about this glitch,” he continued. “If you empty out the magazine, you’ll be stuck in an endless reload animation.”

Even after switching weapons and rotating back to the shotgun, the weapon would instantly start up a reload animation and continue trying to insert a fresh slug into the gun on repeat.

While this bug means that you can’t refill the gun to it’s maximum capacity, it does provide infinite ammo as the reloaded slugs don’t appear to chew through your regular haul of rounds.

Demonstrating just how powerful the glitch can be, it turns out that due to the newfound glitch, you can continue firing the weapon endlessly as the reload bug carries on without dwindling away at your reserves.

The Model 680 seems to be the only shotgun affected by this issue.

There’s no indicating when a fix for the issue might be on the way, though they pleaded for the developers at Infinity Ward to “please fix this bug.”

For the time being, if you see someone bringing a Model 680 into battle, there’s a good chance they could be looking to exploit the glitch, so try to keep your distance. 

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