Game-breaking Modern Warfare 2 XP glitch levels up while you’re sleeping

Lawrence Scotti
an image of a character from Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2

A new game-breaking Modern Warfare 2 XP glitch allows you to rake in huge gun levels while not even playing the game. Here’s how to execute the useful bug.

Modern Warfare 2 has officially launched, delivering one of the most long-awaited Call of Duty titles in recent years.

As with any CoD title, MW2 players have rushed to level up their weapons and rank in order to get all the skins and attachments they desire.

Now, one CoD content creator has discovered an incredibly easy method to rake in the XP while not having to play the game.

MW2 player discovers easy XP glitch

YouTuber B Man posted a video on November 2 of their discovery of a glitch that racks up huge amounts of XP for specific weapons.

In order to execute the bug, you’ll need someone to play with you, either a buddy or just a secondary account to begin the process. Make sure they are in your party, then follow the steps below.

  1. Open Cooperative game mode
  2. Select Low Profile then click Deploy
  3. Pick up the weapon you want to rank up quickly
  4. Enable God Mode, then complete just two of the objectives
  5. Head to the third objective, then wait in a corner for as long as you want
  6. Complete the mission and see how much XP you got

The longer you wait to complete the mission, the more XP for your weapon you’ll collect.

Mr B ended up going from level one to level 12 on the RPK in just one hour of waiting.

So, if you have to step away for a long amount of time but still want to rank up your weapons in MW2, give this a try before going AFK.