FaZe Rain explains why pros are forced to like “garbage” Modern Warfare

Andy Williams

FaZe Clan co-owner, Nordan ‘FaZe Rain’ Shat has voiced his opinion on the Modern Warfare beta, revealing why professional players will be forced to like it and how it’s “straight garbage” for trickshoters and snipers alike.

The latest iteration of the Call of Duty franchise is still in its beta phase, with PlayStation 4 owners getting the first look.

However, both competitive players and content creators alike have been keen to voice their opinion, regardless of the beta being in its infancy. The latest of which is FaZe Rain, whose YouTube channel was among the first to popularize trickshotting and sniping montages in the franchise.

FaZe Rain (YouTube)Nordan has soared to riches through Call of Duty, as he poses next to his McLaren.

Although the prevailing consensus (thus far) among the Call of Duty community relates to dampened experience due to the lack of minimap, a different concern appears to have transpired in regards to the sniping experience.

Any development team behind a Call of Duty title faces the almost impossible task of tailoring their game to please the casual player base, right through to the competitive scene. Somewhere in the middle of that are content creators such as FaZe Rain.

Given the mixed bag of opinions that currently pertain to sniping in Modern Warfare, Nordan has attempted to set the record straight on Twitter.

Rain began by stating how the game won’t work for trickshotters or snipers, as he detailed his experience: “It was straight garbage, and that’s my opinion. For trickshotters and snipers, there’s no way you can tell me that this game is fire. It’s trash, it’s literally just some hot garbage”

The FaZe co-owner went on to explain that Modern Warfare will appeal to the masses. “For competitive players, tryhards, casual players, sure it’s probably a good game, enjoy it. Enjoy the year,” he said.

Nonetheless, Rain went on to simplify his concerns by implying that he can just choose to set the latest edition of the franchise aside, whereas pros are required to play, regardless of their beliefs.

“What are competitive players gonna do? Just throw their careers in the trash ‘cause CoD sucks? No! They have to keep playing it.” A previous from Rain even drew the attention of the winningest Call of Duty player, as Ian ‘Crimsix’ Porter responded with a confused gif.

Although Nordan is stating the obvious, the 23-year-old raises a point which will be a concern among Call of Duty content creators and fans.

A prime example is the willingness of the development team to make drastic changes to the multiplayer experience based off of community feedback, which up until this point, Infinity Ward appear to be listening and implementing changes where appropriate.

Whether or not Rain’s opinion will snowball into changes remains to be seen.

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