FaZe Booya unveils resurgent Vanguard SMG that “melts” Warzone opponents

Marco 5 in Warzone season 4 promo.Activision

FaZe Booya is one of the go-to names in Warzone when it comes to loadouts and his build for this Vanguard SMG is guaranteed to absolutely melt the competition.

Warzone is coming to its end but that doesn’t mean the demons who call it home are slowing down anytime soon. Booya has carved out a reputation as one of the best Resurgence players in the world and when he suggests that more people should be using a gun then his word is as good as gold.

This time around he’s putting fans on to a Vanguard SMG that was previously a middle-of-the-pack option but that is currently seeing a huge boost in popularity. That’s not just his opinion either, the stats back him up in a big way.

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FaZe Booya unveils Vanguard SMG with surging Warzone pick rate

The gun in question is the Marco 5 and it is having its biggest jump in popularity ever. First introduced with the Season 4 update, this highly-accurate sub has spent most of its life stuck behind weapons like the MP40, Owen Gun, and most recently the Armaguerra.

Now though, the Nuke Squad representative is encouraging people to give it a shot and he’s not the only that’s on board with it. In fact, it has now jumped up into the top ten most-used weapons in the entire game according to WZRanked.

In the video above, Booya puts up a 20-kill game using the Airborne Toxin Blueprint alongside the Cleanup Crew XM4 and it’s easy to see why he thinks the gun is in an excellent place right now as he absolutely ripped through the lobby.

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It may not overthrow the Armaguerra anytime soon but it has already displaced the rest of the competition and for anyone looking for a competitive alternative, it could be the perfect replacement.