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FaZe Clan CoD players react to not qualifying for CWL Pro League

Published: 21/Jan/2019 10:13 Updated: 21/Jan/2019 10:33

by Matt Porter


FaZe Clan’s Call of Duty stars have reacted to their underwhelming performance at the CWL Pro League Qualifier, which saw the historic organization miss out on entry to the league.

French squad Overtime Esports knocked FaZe out of the tournament in the second round of the qualifier, meaning the organization will not be competing in this season’s top Call of Duty league.


In the aftermath of their exit from the competition, a number of FaZe’s players tweeted their disappointment, with long-time member Dillon ‘Attach’ Price apologizing to fans, saying: “Sorry to all FaZe and my supporters for a disappointing start to the season. I wish we could’ve figured out our issues sooner.”

FaZe’s newest signee McArthur ‘Cellium’ Jovel tweeted that he was “heartbroken”, and that it “sucked” that they didn’t make it, leaving him feeling that they let their fans down.


Preston ‘Priestahh’ Greiner thanked those who had followed FaZe during their tournament for their support, stating that he believed he needed to “suck less.”

Finally, Tommy ‘ZooMaa’ Paparatto tweeted just one word in the fallout from their exit, simply stating that he was “heartbroken”.

FaZe Clan’s sister team FC.Black also failed to qualify for the Pro League, meaning that the organization won’t be represented when the league kicks off in February.


All is not lost for the players on either squad though, as teams who have qualified will likely look to star players like Attach or ZooMaa as they attempt to pick up substitutes for the CWL Pro League.

Call of Duty

Black Ops Cold War Beta Supply Drop “leak” debunked by Treyarch

Published: 9/Oct/2020 21:51 Updated: 9/Oct/2020 21:53

by Brad Norton


The Black Ops Cold War beta has only just begun, though an early bug may have let slip a huge feature on the way: The return of the Supply Drop system last seen in WWII.

[UPDATE October 9, 2020: Treyarch Community Manager Josh Torres has confirmed via Reddit that the bug seen below is indeed leftover code, more specifically placeholder UI from Black Ops 4, and does not indicate the possible return of supply drops]


When it comes to microtransactions in Call of Duty, we’ve seen a number of different systems over the years. Some games have opted for the loot box-style method, while others have gone with a mix of Battle Passes and individual bundles.

We already know that Treyarch’s upcoming release will be sticking with Battle Passes, but could there be more microtransactions on the way too? If you’ve already been playing the Black Ops Cold War beta on PS4, you may not have noticed anything out of the ordinary on controller.


However, if you happen to plug in a keyboard and mouse while playing on console, things get a little different. As a result, a brand-new bug appears to have slipped through the cracks, revealing mention of a Supply Drop system in Black Ops Cold War.

No different from many recent titles in the series, when booting up Black Ops Cold War, players are greeted with a message of the day. It’s here that ‘NoobOfVerdansk’ stumbled upon an eye-opening glitch. Instead of displaying the usual message along with a few standard tabs below, “many other options were found.”

Reserves, Purchase Crate, and Crate Bundle were all options visible in the menu. While it is only a beta, and bugs are inevitable, it could be hinting at a return. Perhaps the old microtransaction model may appear alongside Battle Passes.


Supply Drops, or Reserve Crates as they were called in Black Ops 4, have featured all sorts of items. Some games kept powerful guns in these randomized lootboxes while other games stuck to purely visual unlocks.

These labels slipping through the cracks in the beta could be indicative of what’s to come, though it is worth taking this leak with a grain of salt. After all, it could just be leftover code from a system that’s since been scrapped in development. 

Black Ops 4 Supply Drops
Supply Drops were vital in previous CoD’s if you wanted the most powerful weapons.

Only time will tell if the old system of in-game purchases replaces the specific bundle method of 2019’s Modern Warfare. Who knows, perhaps all three forms will be included: Supply Drops, Battle Passes, and bundles altogether.


If you haven’t yet jumped into the beta, fear not. Check up on our full overview so you know when and how to dive in on every platform.