CWL details how substitutes will work in Black Ops 4 Pro League

The 2019 Black Ops 4 CWL Pro League will feature a roster substitute system for the first time, giving teams a chance to rotate players during the season.

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Although it has been known for some time that subs were going to be involved, the specific details on how they would work were not revealed.

Thanks to the Pro League Handbook, which leaked CWL London and CWL Anaheim, we now know how teams can use subs for the CWL Pro League.

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MLGFaZe Clan failed to qualify for the Pro League, but their players may be of interest to teams that did.

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According to the Handbook, every Pro League team will be granted one substitute roster spot and it will be mandatory to sign one. Teams will have a roster of six with the new rules – five active players and one substitute.

The substitute player will be allowed to participate in Regular Season matches or the Pro League Cup and Championships. Notably, Open Events and the Pro League Playoffs are not listed as eligible events for substitutes.

Being a substitute will not prevent that player from joining a team on the Amateur Circuit, however appearing in a match for their Pro League team will mean the sub can not play for their amateur team for the following week and will not be able to play in the next 2K event.

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The rules detailing substitutes in the Pro League.
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Finally, teams will only be allowed to sign or switch substitute players during the same windows as the active roster, meaning teams can not sign subs during roster lock periods.

The hype around substitute signings have taken on more importance than anyone could have anticipated due to the massive names dropping during the Pro League Qualifier. 

Established Call of Duty pros Attach, ZooMaa, Parasite, Chino, Methodz, Dqvee, MadCat and SAINTS – or anyone on Team Sween – may be available for Pro League teams to pick up. If Pro League teams have an eye for the future, top young players like Preistah, Cellium and Decemate are also potentially available.

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