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FaZe Clan eliminated from CWL Pro League Qualifier tournament

Published: 20/Jan/2019 23:39 Updated: 21/Jan/2019 1:01

by Albert Petrosyan


In a surprising turn of events, FaZe Clan’s Call of Duty team has been eliminated from the qualifier tournament for the Call of Duty World League’s Pro League.

FaZe lost to French team Overtime Esports 2-3 in the second round of the Loser’s Bracket, a match the turned out to be a tight, back-and-forth affair that went the distance.

The match started with FaZe taking the lead after a 250-199 win on Seaside Hardpoint, but Overtime responded with a 6-3 win on Gridlock Search and Destroy.

Overtime would win their second map in a row, 3-2 on Arsenal Control, but FaZe forced a game five with a strong 250-112 Hardpoint victory on Gridlock.

With everyone on the line, Overtime proved to be the more clutch of the two teams and flexed their S&D ability with a 6-2 victory on Arsenal S&D. 

This result means that last season’s Pro League Season One champions will not participate in the premier competition of the Black Ops 4 season, and will instead be forced to compete in the Amateur Circuit.

While the prospect of FaZe not being in the Pro League is stunning, it does not come as a major shock to those who have been keeping up with the team’s performances so far this season.

After a disappointing 13-16th placing at CWL Vegas, the org looked to quickly turn things around and moved to sign talented prospect Cellium, who had never competed professionally prior to joining FaZe. 

Despite their new recruit’s high potential, the team struggled out of the games at the Pro League Qualifier, but eventually qualified for bracket play after some clutch victories in their final few Pool matches.

They were then defeated 3-2 by Excelerate Gaming in their first Winner’s Bracket match, which knocked them down to the do-or-die Loser’s Bracket, where they beat Tainted Minds 3-0 before coming up against Overtime. 

MLGThe future remains uncertain for a FaZe roster that gelled so well during the WWII season.

What this ultimately means for FaZe’s roster remains to be seen, as it’s hard to imagine all five players will be content on playing at the amateur level for the rest of the season.

We could see the roster broken apart after what was such a promising WWII season, in which they won the first half of the Pro League and placed third at the 2018 CWL Championship. 

For more information on the Pro League Qualifier, including the format, scores, brackets, and more, make sure to check our 2019 CWL Pro League Qualifier hub.

Call of Duty

OpTic Envoy’s AK74u Black Ops Cold War loadout ahead of CDL launch

Published: 18/Jan/2021 16:53

by Jacob Hale


The competitive Call of Duty season is almost upon us, with the CDL launching on January 23, and Envoy’s AK74u could prove one of the most important in getting OpTic Chicago some all-important championship wins.

The AK74u is the go-to SMG for all competitive Black Ops Cold War players. While the MP5 was the main one when the game first dropped, a subsequent nerf saw the 74u take top spot and maintain it ever since.

While Envoy’s original loadout back in November was impressive, this one is a complete change-up, and seems to be the meta build for most top pros who run it.

Taking to Nuketown ‘84 for a 1v1 against teammate FormaL, both were using the AK74u — and it absolutely shreds.

ak74u on wall black ops cold war
The AK74u is the best-in-class SMG.

As mentioned, this looks to be the meta build for most pros, but Envoy is by far one of the most impressive SMG players in the Call of Duty League, so it definitely looks great in his hands.

Here’s the attachments Envoy uses on the gun:

  • Muzzle: Muzzle Brake 5.45
  • Barrel: 9.3” Extended
  • Underbarrel: Spetsnaz Speedgrip
  • Stock: KGB Skeletal Stock
  • Handle: GRU Elastic Wrap

Attachments at 8:40

If you’re looking to maximize your abilities with an SMG in hand, Envoy is one of the best people to look at, and with the launch of League Play in BOCW seemingly imminent, now’s the perfect time to get used to this build.

This may look slightly different from what you see in public matches, with certain attachments banned or not viable in a competitive space, so it’s well worth familiarizing yourself with.

Whether or not this remains the meta throughout the year isn’t yet known; we expect a number of weapon balancing changes throughout the year, but how this affects the 74u isn’t clear.