eUnited GM calls out Activision for ‘unfair’ CoD player signing window

Isaac McIntyre

Call of Duty franchised league.

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Nine teams have been revealed to be part of Activision’s upcoming Call of Duty League, and player discussions have already started behind the scenes ever since the signing period opened on Tuesday, September 3.

eUnited’s GM, whose roster recently claimed the title of the last-ever World League Championship winners, believes the signing window should have been held back, at least until all the franchise teams were confirmed by league organizers.

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“I don’t know how free agency windows open for a franchise league before all the franchises are even decided? This has happened in multiple games now LOL,” Clerkie said on Twitter. “The playing field is slanted like crazy.”

The main issue eUnited’s backroom is facing is that the confirmed teams already have so much of an advantage over the other teams still patiently waiting to find out if they have been accepted into the new-look competition.

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“Hey, you six teams are good to go. You can sign whoever you want,” he continued. “Hey, you four teams who we are still reviewing, if those six teams want your players you’re gonna have to make some hard decisions. LOL.

“If you’re a good owner, you’d obviously let your players go instead of holding them for an unknown reality. But at the same time, the deck is absolutely stacked against the final teams that get in. Competitive integrity is literally out the window.”

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Clerkie went on to admit he knew franchising would be about more than just winning championship rings, but still expressed his annoyance at the staggered nature of team acceptances. If the first teams sign all the good players, it will leave an unlevel playing field.

“I get the league is under the pressure of teams that are in wanting to get started, and franchising is more than just winning and the games, but wow it’s unbelievable to me that it is considered a fair ecosystem at all,” he said.

MLGeUnited were a powerhouse in the CoD ahead of franchising.
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As things stand, eUnited have shown no indications that they will be participating in the new CDL, although rumors have it that they could be purchased by Lee Zieben, the new owner of the Houston Outlaws Overwatch League team.

According to the rumors, Zieben may bring in eUnited with the purpose of purchasing a spot in the CDL, which means that the defending CWL World Champions would indeed be competing in the franchised league. 

So far, nine locations/franchises have been confirmed for the Call of Duty franchised league: Atlanta, Dallas, Florida, Minnesota, New York, Paris, Toronto, and two Los Angeles teams. Currently, no rosters for the franchise league have been confirmed.

You can stay up to date with all roster news and changes via our Rostermania hub.

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