Censor explains what must change for CoD franchising to be successful

Daniel Cleary
Censor Youtube

Popular Call of Duty star Doug ‘Censor’ Martin suggested that pro players “run” the esport, and has vowed to make a video discussing how the franchised league can be successful.

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Competitive Call of Duty will be facing a new challenge starting with the franchised league, set to begin in 2020 with nine slots confirmed already.

Although many players and fans have voiced concerns about some of the major brands leaving the competitive scene, FaZe Clan’s Censor has previously expressed his excitement for the upcoming year and that franchising is the right move to grow CoD esports.

Complexity / Twitter
Censor is set to return to competition for the inaugural season of the Call of Duty League.
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The former pro has already announced that he would be returning to competitive CoD in previous weeks with the new franchised league and confirmed he has been in contact with multiple franchises about his next ‘exciting’ move.

On September 8, Censor stated that he would be making a video detailing what the upcoming franchise league will need to do in order to find the most success, claiming that current pro players have had too much control in the Pro League in recent years.

“Tomorrow I’m going to make a video talking about the big picture for CoD, and realistically how it can be successful. Players seem to run the league, and I don’t like that,” Censor explained to his followers, “I think you’ll learn something.”

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When one of his followers claimed the developers did not care about competitive and that players should have a say in ‘how’ the CDL operates, Censor replied that he will go more in-depth on the topic in his upcoming video, looking at it from multiple perspectives.

“The developers seemed not to care while I made a career outside of being a player. My video will go in depth of how players think, franchises think, and what I think.”

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Censor seems to be keen on making his return to competitive Call of Duty a strong one, with multiple ideas on how to grow the franchise league despite some of the criticism he has faced from not competing since WWII.

With so much competition though, and Censor having not competed at the top level in the Black Ops 4 season, he may have to more than most to convince organizations he is worthy of a pick-up.