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Call of Duty

Esports Betting Tips – CWL Championship 2018, Day Two

Published: 16/Aug/2018 16:13 Updated: 17/Aug/2018 13:06

by Joe O'Brien


The biggest event of the Call of Duty calendar is upon us.

The CWL Championship kicks off on Wednesday August 15, with 32 teams facing off for the most prestigious trophy the game has to offer. It’s the final showdown of the WWII season.

With day one in the books, the second half of the group stage remains. By the end of the second day, half of the teams in attendance will have been eliminated from the tournament.

We’ve teamed up with to provide daily insight into the CWL Championship for prospective betters. If you’re looking to complement your viewing experience by adding some stakes of your own, we’ll be highlighting worthy favorites and underdogs for every day of the competition.

Play It Safe

OpTic Gaming TO WIN vs Evil Geniuses

When: Thursday August 16, 23:30 UTC

Odds: 1.39 vs 2.62

Despite coming in as the defending world champions, this is perhaps the first time in several years that OpTic Gaming isn’t a heavy favorite for the CWL Championship. If they fail to defend their title here, it will be the first time in the organization’s history that they haven’t won a championship across an entire season.

Despite struggling to live up to their former glory this season, OpTic Gaming is still an incredibly dangerous team. Search and Destroy seems a clear weak spot for the team, but they still boast some of the most formidable slayers in the game and as such are a fearsome opponent for any team in respawn games.

Their first notable challenge of the event will be taking down Evil Geniuses, the other Pro League team in the group and the toughest obstacle between OpTic and a top seed heading into the playoffs.

This Evil Geniuses had an impressive debut with a second-place at CWL Seattle, but since then hasn’t managed to quite replicate those heights. While not a squad to be taken lightly, they should be very beatable for an OpTic that still packs one of the hardest punches on the circuit.

Feeling Lucky

Mindfreak TO WIN vs Ghost Gaming

When: Thursday August 16, 20:30 UTC

Odds: 2.07 vs 1.62

On paper, both Mindfreak and Ghost Gaming are difficult to separate. While the Australian side featured in both stages of the CWL Pro League and Ghost Gaming didn’t, when it comes to open events both seem to average out around the top-12 region.

At the CWL Championship so far their records are identical. Both teams took down Zone with comfortable 3-0 sweeps, and both lost to Red Reserve, one of the tournament favorites, 1-3. Unfortunately, these matches offer little insight into their form, with all producing the expected results in quite clear-cut games.

You could very much make a case for this match going either way, but Mindfreak’s underdog odds make them a more favorable candidate to back here. They also had the stronger showing at the most recent event, CWL Anaheim, where they were responsible for eliminating Ghost and took some big scalps along the way.


Splyce TO WIN vs eUnited

When: Thursday August 16, 20:30 UTC

Odds: 2.79 vs 1.35 – Bet

In Group D, at least one of the top-two seeded teams will be going out in the group stage, as eUnited and Splyce face off in a head-to-head battle for a playoff spot. Both teams fell to Lightning Pandas on day one, meaning one of them is guaranteed an early exit.

eUnited’s curse this season has been inconsistency. At their peak, this seems to be a team that could go the distance, perhaps even secure a trophy. Unfortunately, for every match that they look like world-beaters, there also seems to be a match in which they capitulate with less resistance than might have been expected of them.

Despite such shortcomings keeping them off the podium for the most part, this is still a team that has consistently been able to reach the top-six of major tournaments, and rightly favored in this match.

Splyce has had a largely underwhelming season, with only a couple of bright spots that seem increasingly distant. However, the quality on this team can never be ignored. Featuring some of the most talented and successful players that Europe has ever produced, Splyce can never be dismissed entirely, and particularly when facing a team that has been known to have slow games they’re a worthy wildcard pick.

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Call of Duty

Warzone FOV setting on PC can reduce visual recoil on weapons

Published: 25/Oct/2020 16:01

by Daniel Cleary


Call of Duty players have uncovered an unusual field-of-view setting in Warzone, claiming that weapons such as the CR-AMAX seem to have less visual recoil when it is toggled.

The weapon meta is continuing to shift in Warzone as more changes are released in Season 6, giving players plenty of unique weapons and playstyle to try in the battle royale.

Popular YouTuber Swagg was one of the latest to reveal a Season 6 loadout for Warzone but claimed there was also a “secret” setting that was helping him to rack up more kills in-game.

Modern Warfare settings screen
Infinity Ward
CoD players like Swagg have claimed that Warzone’s FOV settings can affect recoil in-game.

While the CR-56 AMAX, which was featured as the Galil in past CoD titles, has been a solid weapon since its release, there are, apparently, some field-of-view settings that Warzone players can change to make the gun easier to use.

In his October 24 upload, Swagg revealed that having the “Affected FOV” setting enabled makes it seem as if the AMAX has little to no recoil. This is opposed to the default Independent FOV setting.

“Affected FOV on PC makes guns feel like they don’t have recoil,” Swagg revealed, in his Warzone gameplay, “[it’s the] reason why I use Amax now.”

Topic starts at 2:15

The AMAX does not usually stand out above other Assault Rifles in its class, but it still has one of the highest base stats when it comes to damage per second (DPS), meaning that less recoil would make this quite a strong choice in the current meta.

While the weapon, with these affected FOV settings, appears to move less compared to CR-56 AMAX gameplay for console players, it is unclear whether or not it actually has a major effect on the gun.

However, it seemed to be working quite well for Swagg, as he highlighted just how strong it could be, managing to pick up plenty of kills in his Warzone match with fellow content creator booya.

Another CoD YouTuber Webzy has previously highlighted the difference in recoil between the Affected and Independent settings, echoing the sentiment of the FaZe member and claiming it was actually easier to hit shots with it enabled.

Infinity Ward is regularly coming out with fixes for any bugs found in-game but it appears as if this FOV setting was intended to be a feature, making it unclear whether or not this will be patched.