Enable explains why failing OpTic Chicago desperately need to make a roster change

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OpTic Chicago have, for all their talent, still not picked up a tournament win in the Black Ops Cold War CDL season. With Stage V on the horizon and Champs in sight, Enable believes the only way they’ll win an event is through a roster change. 

On paper, OpTic Chicago’s roster of FormaL, Scump, Envoy and Dashy has the pure slaying power to overcome any opponent. In practice, though, the team has been limited by poor communication, unnecessary challenges and clashing play-styles.

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While they still have the raw talent to beat the CDL’s lesser teams, they have consistently proven themselves unable to overcome its stronger ones. Playing Dallas Empire twice at Stage IV, they were soundly beaten by Crimsix and Co in both.

OpTic Chicago CDL team 2021 Scump, Envoy, Dashy, FormalActivision
OpTic Chicago have failed to capitalize on the raw talent on their team.

Speaking on Dexerto’s Reverse Sweep CDL show, Enable explained that, given the team’s evident problems and their continuation on LAN, the only solution for OpTic is a roster change.

“They need to make a change if they wanna win in this game,” he said. “They’re all great players. I think all four of those players could be the superstars on other teams and have success, but they just don’t mesh. Like those four just don’t mesh well when it comes to pacing. I think their overall ideology of how to be successful in Cold War, they all have different opinions. You can see, they’re staggered a lot, their teamwork is hit or miss.”

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He stated that the team’s wins come from individual brilliance, rather than cohesive and well-organized team play.

“When they win the series is when they have multiple players who are ‘on’ individually, and they’re shooting well,” he continued. “They never get that gritty win where no one’s playing well – [when] you have the ability to clutch up.”

Echoing Enable’s points was Pacman, who also highlighted their inability to adjust. Citing the two matches versus Dallas Empire, he explained that, despite losing the series comfortably in match one, they pursued the same tactics, strategies and retakes in match two, which they lost 3-0.

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As the Black Ops Cold War season winds down, OpTic Chicago’s ability to win a tournament and dethrone Atlanta FaZe looks less and less likely.