Atlanta FaZe win $500K CDL 2021 Stage 4 Major: highlights, results, recap

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The Atlanta FaZe have gone back to back and won the Call of Duty League’s 2021 Stage 4 Major. It was LAN and the penultimate CDL tournament ahead of Champs, so here are all the recaps, highlights, and results from a wild event.

  • FaZe go back-to-back, winning Stage 4’s $200K.
  • Impressive Empire run jumped them to No. 2 in the standings.
  • OpTic made Loser’s Bracket push, but fell short.

The Stage 4 Major had $500,000 up for grabs as well as a ton of valuable CDL Points. While all 12 teams qualify for each Major, only eight will be invited to the $2.5 million CDL Champs — making those CDL Points more valuable than ever.

Last week, the LA Thieves Home Series, saw new rosters struggle in debuts while others bounced back. The Stage 4 Major saw even newer rosters struggle, while the dominant FaZe maintained their form.

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CDL Stage 4 Major: results, recaps, and highlights


Group Match Hardpoint S&D Control Hardpoint S&D
LR1 Surge 3-1 Royal Ravens SEA 250-142 (Apocalypse) LDN 6-4 (Raid) SEA 3-1 (Checkmate) SEA 250-89 (Checkmate) N/A
LR1 Guerrillas 3-2 Thieves LAT 250-141 (Garrison) LAG 6-5 (Raid) LAG 3-1 (Garrison) LAT 250-114 (Raid) LAG 6-5 (Miami)
WR1 Empire 3-0 OpTic DAL 250-160 (Garrison) DAL 6-1 (Standoff) DAL 3-1 (Checkmate) N/A N/A
WR1 ROKKR 3-0 Subliners MIN 250-196 (Garrison) MIN 6-0 (Raid) MIN 3-1 (Garrison) N/A N/A

Match 1: Surge ruin London’s LAN debuts

The Royal Ravens came in with two highly touted rookies making their LAN debuts. Unfortunately, the Surge has some vets who have been dying to get back on LAN and one of those, Octane, was way too much for London to handle.

Match 2: Guerrillas upset new-new-look Thieves

Just before the Battle for LA, the Thieves revealed that Huke would be missing the contest and replaced by Drazah due to some… miscellaneous difficulties. While Drazah had some big plays, the Guerrillas cohesion ultimately earned them a win.

Match 3: Dallas dismantle OpTic

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After a week of anticipation, this premium grudge match ended in the blink of an eye. Thanks to a nasty 1.32 K/D from Vivid, the Empire absolutely demolished an OpTic club, sending many’s tourney favorite to the loser’s bracket.

Match 4: ROKKR sweep undermanned Subliners

High expectations dimmed for New York when it was revealed that Asim wouldn’t be playing in the Stage 4 Major due to visa issues. Then the ROKKR quickly snuffed out remaining hopes, with Standy excelling in his LAN debut.


Group Match Hardpoint S&D Control Hardpoint S&D
LR2 Seattle 3-0 Legion SEA 250-241 (Checkmate) SEA 6-2 (Express) SEA 3-1 (Garrison) N/A N/A
LR2 Guerrillas 0-3 Mutineers FLA 250-202 (Moscow) FLA 6-2 (Miami) FLA 3-1 (Raid) N/A N/A
WR2 Empire 2-3 Ultra TOR 250-247 (Checkmate) DAL 6-0 (Miami) DAL 3-2 (Garrison) TOR 250-185 (Apocalypse) TOR 6-5 (Moscow)
WR2 ROKKR 0-3 FaZe ATL 250-152 (Garrison) ATL 6-5 (Raid) ATL 3-0 (Garrison) N/A N/A

Match 1: Surge continue their LAN dominance

Was Seattle’s LAN dominance on Day 1 a fluke? If this game was any indication, then nope. LAN ‘Octane’ Larew continued to feast as he and the Surge earned a trip to loser’s Round 3.

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Match 2: Mutineers prove they’re no “onliners”

Many wondered if Florida’s Owakening and Neptune could maintain momentum in their CDL LAN debuts — and they most certainly did. The Mutineers quickly eliminated an upsurging Guerrillas roster.

Match 3: Ultra clutch up vs Empire

What a series this was, back and forth with multiple comebacks. Eventually, it all came down to the last second, as Cammy went under a bus to spot Vivid’s defuse attempt and give Ultra the win.

Match 4: FaZe dominate ROKKR

The ROKKR looked great against a suddenly changed Subliners lineup, but Atlanta simply look like an All-Star team. The S&D was close, but FaZe absolutely crushed Minnesota and sent them down to the loser’s bracket.

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Group Match Hardpoint S&D Control Hardpoint S&D
LR3 Mutineers 2-3 Subliners FLA 250-217 (Checkmate) NY 6-3 (Moscow) NY 3-1 (Raid) FLA 250-243 (Moscow) NY 6-4 (Express)
LR3 Surge 2-3 OpTic CHI 250-175 (Checkmate) CHI 6-4 (Express) SEA 3-2 (Checkmate) SEA 250-217 (Apocalypse) CHI 6-3 (Moscow)
LR4 Subliners 1-3 Empire DAL 250-211 (Garrison) NY 6-2 (Miami) DAL 3-0 (Garrison) DAL 250-154 (Checkmate) N/A
LR4 OpTic 3-1 ROKKR CHI 250-180 (Checkmate) MIN 6-4 (Raid) CHI 3-1 (Checkmate) CHI 250-215 (Garrison) N/A
Winners Finals Ultra 1-3 FaZe ATL 250-91 (Raid) TOR 6-1 (Standoff) ATL 3-2 (Raid) ATL 250-220 (Moscow) N/A

Match 1: Subliners outduel Mutineers

Quickly meshing, New York proved they may be a pick-up team — but they’re still a team to be reckoned with. As Decemate popped off on S&D, Subliners eliminated Florida and moved into the next round.

Match 2: OpTic survive Surge

Seattle looked fantastic on LAN, but OpTic regained and made sure the Surge would have to work for a W. With huge plays from Envoy, the Green Wall eked out the win and drowned the Surge.

Match 3: Empire ruin New York’s Cinderella run

The Clayster grudge match, the pick-up team vs the home team — whatever narrative you chose, this matchup was spicy. Unfortunately for New York, Dallas was too cohesive to slip up (again) in their home arena.

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Match 4: OpTic regain and knock out ROKKR

There needed to be a proper regain for OpTic to make a loser’s bracket run and regain they did. With huge numbers from a rejuvenated FormaL, OpTic earned their spot on Championship Sunday.

Match 5: FaZe punish Ultra

FaZe are a Call of Duty team that is good at Call of Duty. First, Simp almost put up a 3.0 K/D in the first Hardpoint. Then, Cell was squad wiping by his lonesome on the last Hardpoint. FaZe were filthy here.


Group Match Hardpoint S&D Control Hardpoint S&D  Control S&D   Hardpoint  S&D
LR5 OpTic 1-3 Empire DAL 250-244 (Garrison) DAL 6-3 (Express) CHI 3-2 (Checkmate) DAL 250-176 (Moscow) N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A
Losers Finals Empire 3-2 Ultra TOR 250-69 (Checkmate) TOR 6-2 (Standoff) DAL 3-1 (Garrison) DAL 250-229 (Moscow) DAL 6-4 (Moscow) N/A N/A N/A N/A
Grand Finals Empire 4-5 FaZe DAL 250-202 (Garrison) ATL 6-4 (Standoff) ATL 3-0 (Garrison) DAL 250-216 (Moscow) DAL 6-3 (Moscow) ATL 3-2 (Raid) DAL 6-1 (Express) ATL 250-98 (Apocalypse) ATL 6-4 (Raid)

Match 1: Empire dismantle OpTic

A wild start to Championship Sunday, OpTic’s form was put to the test by a rejuvenated Empire squad and that form failed under pressure.

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Match 2: Empire reverse sweep Ultra

Toronto immediately put a red-hot Empire in the blender to start this match before Dallas regained, stormed back, and flew toward a reverse sweep.

Match 3: FaZe survive scare, beat Empire in Map 9

It wasn’t going to be easy, but FaZe got it done. Coming in cold against a warmed-up Empire, FaZe needed hero plays from everywhere to get the win in the CDL’s first-ever Map 9.

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CDL Stage 4 Major placement & prizing

Place Team Prize CDL Points
1 Atlanta FaZe $200,000 75
2 Dallas Empire $120,000 60
3 Toronto Ultra $80,000 50
4 OpTic Chicago $40,000 40
5-6 New York Subliners $20,000 30
Minnesota ROKKR $20,000 30
7-8 Seattle Surge $10,000 20
Florida Mutineers $10,000 20
9-10 Los Angeles Guerrillas 10
Paris Legion 10
11-12 Los Angeles Thieves
London Royal Ravens

CDL Stage 4 Major format & details

  • Location: Dallas
  • Prize pool: $500,000
  • Format: Double-elimination bracket
  • Seeding determined by Stage 3 standings:
    • 1st place teams start in Winners Round 2
    • 2nd & 3rd place teams start in Winners Round 1
    • 4th place teams start in Losers R2
    • 5th & 6th place teams start in Losers R1
  • CDL Points: Based on placement (see placements section above for breakdown)
  • Series are best-of-five (HP, S&D, Control, HP, S&D)
  • Grand finals is best-of-nine (HP, S&D, Control, HP, S&D, Control, S&D, Hardpoint, S&D)
  • Maps & Modes:
    • Hardpoint: Apocalypse, Checkmate, Garrison, Moscow, Raid
    • Search & Destroy: Express, Miami, Moscow, Raid, Standoff
    • Control: Checkmate, Garrison, Raid

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CDL Stage 4 Major teams & lineups

A bunch of lineups were different from Stage 3’s Major, and multiple changed just ahead of Stage 4 — as visa issues forced the Subliners to sub in Decemate for Asim and a name misspell forced the Thieves to sub in Drazah for Huke.

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Team Roster
Atlanta FaZe Simp, Cellium, aBeZy, Arcitys
Dallas Empire Crimsix, Shotzzy, Vivid, iLLeY
Florida Mutineers Skyz, Owakening, Havok, Neptune
London Royal Ravens Afro, Alexx, Seany, PaulEhx
Los Angeles Guerrillas SiLLY, Assault, Apathy, Cheen
Los Angeles Thieves Kenny, SlasheR, Drazah, TJHaLy
Minnesota RØKKR MajorManiak, Attach, Priestahh, Standy
New York Subliners Clayster, Decemate, HyDra, Mack
OpTic Chicago Scump, FormaL, Envoy, Dashy
Paris Legion AquA, Zaptius, Temp, Skrapz
Seattle Surge Octane, Gunless, Prestinni, Classic
Toronto Ultra Bance, Cammy, CleanX, Insight


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