Why OpTic Chicago need to make a roster change

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OpTic Chicago – like the Chicago Huntsmen before them – have struggled to find any consistency in the CDL. Here, the Reverse Sweep crew take a look at whether they need to shake up their roster before Stage V. 

Despite the undeniable talent each of their players possesses, it has been another frustrating season of ‘what ifs’ for OpTic Chicago and their fans. Promise and talent has never turned into results and success, and the roster looks incapable of toppling the league’s best teams.

There’s still the talent on display; with any one of the roster always capable of going double-positive or better. The problem has always been (and continues to be) the lack of cohesion. Unnecessary challenges, lackluster communication and clashing play-styles continue to haunt OpTic. Is a roster change the only thing that could change that?