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Dr Disrespect watches KiLLa’s iconic CoD trash talk moments

Published: 22/Aug/2019 22:10 Updated: 6/May/2020 11:01

by Alan Bernal


Twitch star Call of Duty legend Adam ‘KiLLa’ Sloss, all while adding his own digs to back him up.

The Call of Duty competitive scene has routinely featured some of the best trash talkers in all of esports ranging from the ameteur circuit all the way up to the pro scene.


While waiting to install the surprise early release for the Modern Warfare 2v2 Alpha demo, the Doc took a trip back to memory lane featuring KiLLa, Marcus ‘MiRx’ Carter, and Christopher ‘Parasite’ Duarte where even the Two-time got hyped at brutal slams from old-school CoD.

The Doc opened up a video to the time KiLLa and co. were on Epsilon Esports side taking on Team Envy, when the pros launched a vicious tirade on their opponents.


Not one to be excluded from a Champion-level berating, the Doc joined in at various points to lay down the hurt alongside Epsilon as they were taking it to their opponents one jab at a time.

Though in the heat of KiLLa’s pop-off, it seemed like Dr Disrespect was just as stunned at what the pro player was saying leading to hilarious hesitations from the streamer. Heck, there were sometimes where the Doc was speechless and just went along with what was being said in the clip.

Out of all his reactions, it sounded like the Doc was really able to get in line with KiLLa, calling Envy “weak” while touting his Champion status.


But the Doc even had to take a step back when KiLLa called Damon ‘Karma’ Barlow “nothing” during his rant, noting that the comment might not have been entirely accurate: “(You are) nothing!! Ay, he’s got three rings. Ay, KiLLa he’s got three rings.”

Doc’s reactions were priceless throughout the entirety of the segment, but it had to be cut short since he was ready to boot up the new Call of Duty demo.

Twitch viewers know how much of a trash talker the Doc can be in regular games of CoD, PUBG, or otherwise, and it seemed like hearing the expletives being thrown in the video made the Two-time want to join in on the action.

Call of Duty

Black Ops Cold War cheaters are already ruining multiplayer – in a beta

Published: 17/Oct/2020 12:57

by Joe Craven


Black Ops Cold War fans have been left frustrated after it has become clear that some players have been cheating and aimbotting – in the game’s ongoing beta. 

Community issues with cheating in Call of Duty have risen exponentially in the last year or so, with many complaining that cheaters in Warzone have led t0 some online matches being unplayable.


While Activision have released multiple statements and lawsuits to combat cheaters and sites selling exploits, many players have called on them to do more.

What is worrying even more players, though, is that a minority appear to be cheating in the ongoing Black Ops Cold War Beta. That’s right, a beta.

Activision / Infinity Ward
The BOCW Beta is now open to all players, regardless of per-orders or platforms.

While earlier weekends in the beta have been strictly limited to those who have pre-ordered and PS4 players, October 17 sees it opened to all players, regardless of platform or pre-orders. Xbox, PC and PS4 players can now all play Treyarch’s latest instalment, but that has seemingly led to some issues.

Redditor ‘madzuk‘ shared footage of one Cartel match, which shows an opponent quite clearly aimbotting. Their XM4 spins around the map, locking onto opponent after opponent, and meant they racked up an incredible 94 kills in the completed game.

For the Redditor and their teammates, it simply meant confirmation of what they feared – that people are hacking in the Beta of an upcoming title.


The MOST blatant and ridiculous aim hack I’ve EVER seen in a video game 😂 from r/blackopscoldwar

The frustration of many players then turned to Activision, asking how the major publisher is failing to prevent cheating in a Beta. “We’re literally a week into the beta and the games ruined by cheaters and SBMM already,” one fan replied. “I can’t believe the series I love and played daily for over a decade has turned into this.”

The Reddit user’s post has already garnered over 1,200 upvotes, as players strive to draw attention the cheater. Hopefully we don’t see many more posts like this one.